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A comparison of averted and completed school attacks from the Police Foundation averted school violence database / Peter Langman and Frank Straub. e-Books 2019 CPRC
A preliminary report on the Police Foundation's averted school violence database / Jeffrey A. Daniels. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Below ten : combating drugs, guns, and human trafficking at the U.S. Southwest border. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Civilian oversight of the police in major cities / Darrel W. Stephens, Scrivner Ellen, Josie F. Cambareri. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Bringing calm to chaos : a critical incident review of the San Bernardino public safety response to the December 2, 2015 terrorist shooting incident at the Inland Regional Center / Rick Braziel, Frank Straub, George Watson and Rod Hoops. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Building successful partnerships between law enforcement and public health agencies to address opioid use. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Community policing & unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) : guidelines to enhance community trust / Maria Valdovinos, James Specht, Jennifer Zeunik. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Consolidated public safety departments : a census and administrative examination : program on police consolidation and shared services / Jeremy M. Wilson, Meghan Hollis and Clifford Grammich. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Co-producing public safety : communities, law enforcement, and public health researchers work to prevent crime together / by Sarah Schweig, Nazmia E.A. Comrie and John Markovic. e-Books 2016 CPRC
How to increase cultural understanding : police perspectives : building trust in a diverse nation, no 1 / Caitlin Gokey and Susan Shah. e-Books 2016 CPRC
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