Improving the Passenger Protect Program

The Government of Canada is working on two major initiatives to improve the Passenger Protect Program and reduce airport delays for those with false name matches:

Centralized Government-Controlled Screening

Right now, air carriers include the Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) list as part of their screening process before passengers receive a boarding pass.

Under the improved program, the Government of Canada will do this security screening and as early as 72 hours before the time of departure. The screening will ask for more information, such as date of birth, to help the process of correcting false name matches. This will not only help improve the security screening process, but also decrease delays.

This will also improve the security of air travel and protect passenger privacy since air carriers will no longer have or be able to use the SATA list.

Canadian Travel Number (or “unique identifier”)

A redress system is under development for people who believe they are having air travel delays because they have the same, or similar, name as someone on the SATA list.

These travellers will be able to apply to the Government of Canada for a Canadian Travel Number that they can use when booking all future air travel to, from and within Canada to prevent SATA list delays at the airport.

This unique number will not assist in preventing delays if the airport delay is related to another country's security list or a reason other than security screening for SATA list purposes (for example, immigration or airline customer service issues).

Timeline for Improvements

The process to implement these initiatives requires changes to regulations, the creation of new information technology systems and increased collaboration with air carriers.

These initiatives are expected to be in place in 2020.


Consultation: with partners and stakeholders on proposed changes to the Secure Air Travel Regulations [complete]


Legislation Receives Royal Assent: National Security Act, 2017 (bill C-59) [complete]

Consultation: Changes to the Secure Air Travel Regulations – Pre-publication Canada Gazette part I [complete]

Final publication: Secure Air Travel Regulations – Canada Gazette part II [complete]

Coming into force: Secure Air Travel Regulations identification requirements and process for the verification of identity at boarding gate [complete]


Develop and test: information technology systems with air carriers

Launch: Canadian Travel Account (redress system)

Coming into force: Secure Air Travel Regulations centralized screening provisions

Launch: centralized government-controlled screening

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