National Security Public Opinion Research Snapshot

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The first priority of the Government of Canada is to protect the safety and security of our country and our people. Canadians should be informed on what the Government does to protect national security, how the Government shares national security information, and why such work is necessary.

Public Safety Canada recently surveyed 2,000 randomly selected Canadians to better understand public awareness, knowledge and attitudes surrounding transparency and information sharing for national security purposes within the Government of Canada. The findings will help inform the Government's work to increase national security transparency and reach Canadians with the information they need most.

Perceptions about National Security Information

Point Scale: Unsure (0), Disagree (1-2), Neither agree nor disagree (3), Agree (4-5)

  1. I know where to find Government of Canada information about national security issues and threats.
    Answer: 9% Unsure, 41% Disagree, 17% Neither agree nor disagree, 32% Agree
  2. Publicly available Government of Canada information on national security is complete and presents a full picture
    Answer: 22% Unsure, 28% Disagree, 23% Neither agree nor disagree, 20% Agree
  3. Publicly available Government of Canada information on national security is easy to understand.
    Answer: 20% Unsure, 28% Disagree, 24% Neither agree nor disagree, 26% Agree
  4. Publicly available Government of Canada information on national security is accurate and reliable.
    Answer: 18% Unsure, 19% Disagree, 21% Neither agree nor disagree, 40% Agree
  5. Publicly available Government of Canada information on national security is more trustworthy than information found elsewhere.
    Answer: 12% Unsure, 17% Disagree, 22% Neither agree nor disagree, 49% Agree

Knowledge of Canadian Laws on Information Sharing

Point Scale: Unsure (0), Not knowledgeable (1-2), Moderately knowledgeable (3), Knowledgeable (4-5)

  1. National security review and oversight bodies in Canada responsible for reviewing Government of Canada's national security activities.
    Answer: 2% Unsure, 75% Not knowledgeable, 16% Moderately knowledgeable, 7% Knowledgeable
  2. The Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act
    Answer: 2% Unsure, 73% Not knowledgeable, 17% Moderately knowledgeable, 8% Knowledgeable
  3. Canadian laws for sharing information for national security
    Answer: 2% Unsure, 67% Not knowledgeable, 22% Moderately knowledgeable, 9% Knowledgeable
  4. Canadian laws that protect personal information
    Answer: 2% Unsure, 49% Not knowledgeable, 33% Moderately knowledgeable, 17% Knowledgeable

Trust in Sharing with Other Organizations

Point Scale: Unsure (0), Limited Trust (1-2), Moderate Trust (3), Significant Trust (4-5)

  1. Within the Government of Canada
    Answer: 3% Unsure, 33% Limited Trust, 28% Moderate Trust, 36% Significant Trust

Public Safety Canada is committed to enhancing transparency and increasing public awareness of Canada's national security policies, practices and institutions.

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