Safeguarding Science

Canadian institutions are at the forefront of innovation, research and development in several areas, including science, technology, and engineering. Due to its advanced nature, research is a target for adversaries who may want to use it for malicious purposes. The transfer of our cutting-edge research can result in:

Remaining on the forefront of research is an asset that assures Canada’s economic prosperity, national security and integrity of its research.

Safeguarding Science Awareness Sessions and Workshops

The Safeguarding Science initiative delivers interactive workshops to academic and scientific institutions across Canada. The workshops aim to raise awareness within Canada’s scientific and academic communities of the risks of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear proliferation, the potential for the proliferation of dual-use technology, cyber security and best practices in maintaining a security-conscious research organization.  The initiative informs participants about Canada's counter-proliferation efforts and commitments, and offers tools to help recognize and mitigate the specific risks Canadian institutions are facing, including those posed to their research and development.

Public Safety Canada is leading the Safeguarding Science initiative in collaboration with the following government departments:

Safeguarding Science has steadily grown into a well-received outreach and awareness program, with our multi-departmental team now having visited many universities and specialized laboratories across Canada since 2016.

If you would like to be put on a list of institutions interested in having a workshop, please submit the following information by email to

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