SARscene is an annual event which facilitates coordination and implementation of search and rescue (SAR) activities in Canada, and serves as a multi-stakeholder forum for discussing SAR issues and information sharing. Participation is open to any interested parties, departments, organizations concerned with SAR, including members of the private sector, all levels of government, and non-governmental organizations.

Public Safety Canada (PS) remains committed to advancing search and rescue (SAR) in Canada in close collaboration with the diverse range of SAR community stakeholders.

As such, a new approach has been established whereby non-governmental organizations will be encouraged to submit proposals to the Search and Rescue New Funds Initiative (SARNIF) on an annual basis to host future SARscene conferences. The goal is to make SARscene an event for the community and by the community with PS providing support through the SARNIF.

SARscene 2021

The Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers is host to SARscene 2021. This year it is a virtual event and takes place from September 25 to October 3. Register here.

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