Application for funding: Expanded Security Infrastructure Program

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Application instructions

Please review the Expanded SIP brochure to support you in completing the application. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis until February 18, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

Applications submitted under the 2023 Call for Applications are currently being assessed. If you applied under the 2023 SIP Call for Applications, which closed on August 31, 2023, you may also submit an application for the expanded funding. Please note that any project funded under the expanded SIP intake must be completed by March 31, 2024, to be eligible.

Notice to applicants

Applicants should not incur obligations or expenses until they have been notified of funding approval.

All funding agreements are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and any modifications or additional requirements that may be imposed by the requirements of the Policy on Transfer Payments. Public Safety Canada may elect to enter into funding agreements for applications submitted under this solicitation in the future. These may be dependent on, among other considerations, the merit of the applications and on the future availability of appropriations. Please note that should you be awarded funding, you will be required to report on project data in a template provided by Public Safety Canada.

Privacy statement

Information provided by applicants is subject to the Access to Information Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. A-1) and the Privacy Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. P-21). Information provided is collected under the authority of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act (S.C. 2005, c. 10) for the purpose of supporting the implementation of projects. The information collected in this application will be used, and may be disclosed, for the purposes of assessing the eligibility/merits of your application's evaluation. Information that you provide may be shared with external consultants, review committee members, officials in other Departments, Federal, Provincial and/or Territorial Governments or Members of Parliament. It may also be used and/or disclosed for policy analysis, research and/or evaluation purposes in order to conduct these activities.

For more information about the collection, use and retention of your personal information, refer to the following Personal Information Bank: National Crime Prevention Strategy, Bank number PS PPU 020, PS Info Source.

Please note, these additional uses and/or disclosures of information will not impact your project. You have the right to the protection of, access to and correction of your personal information. Instructions for obtaining this information are outlined on the Public Safety Canada Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) website.

In addition, for privacy reasons, please do not enter personal information when responding to open-ended questions.

Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints you may have regarding Public Safety's handling of your personal information may be directed to our Access to Information and Privacy team by emailing If you are not satisfied with Public Safety's response to your privacy concern, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the institution’s handling of your personal information.

Having received and understood the information provided above, do you confirm that:

By selecting “No”, your organization is ineligible for funding.

Section 1 – verify your eligibility

To verify if you meet the minimum criteria to qualify for funding, please confirm the current circumstances regarding your organization and the proposed project.

Please confirm that ALL the following statements apply to your organization:

Your organization and/or project site:

Belongs to or serves an identifiable community at-risk of hate-motivated crime/incidents (this includes gender-based violence).

Is currently incorporated or registered as a not-for-profit organization or registered charity;

Is currently operating in Canada, and in compliance with filing, reporting, and other requirements as established by the Canada Revenue Agency and/or by Revenu Québec;

Owns, leases, or rents a permanent facility/site, or portion thereof, in Canada to fulfill its mandate to host religious, spiritual, or culturally significant gatherings or supporting individuals experiencing gender-based violence;

Is not a sports organization, team or recreational, athletic, hobby or games-oriented club;

Is not a government department or agency, for-profit corporation, crown corporation, or police service;

Does not have a primary mandate of providing health care, social services or housing, with the exception of gender-based violence shelters and its transitional housing; and

Does not engage in practices and observances that are hateful, incite hatred or violence against other individuals or groups or contravene criminal law.

Please confirm that ALL the following project related statements apply to your organization:

Authorized to install security equipment, conduct minor construction and/or hire security personnel;

Willing to report on the project to the Government of Canada;

Able to fund a minimum of 50%, through privately sourced funding, of the total costs of this Security Infrastructure Project;

Able to complete the delivery of project activities by March 31, 2024 *;
Committed to installing all approved security infrastructure in accordance with all relevant municipal codes, by-laws and provincial/territorial laws and regulations (if applicable).


* Please keep in mind when planning your project that weather conditions may influence your organization’s ability to complete activities by March 31, 2024.

Is your project site primarily considered as a:

(Please select one eligible recipient class below and specify):

Eligible Recipient Class

Program Definition

Place of Worship:


Permanent building, sacred site, or structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a not-for-profit organization for the primary purpose of regular gatherings to share, express or practice a commonly-held faith, spiritual belief or religion. A place of worship does not include portions of such building or structure used for any commercial or residential purposes, including but not limited to onsite daycare spaces and senior residences.

  • Temple
  • Mosque
  • Synagogue
  • Gurdwara
  • Church

Community Centre


Permanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a not-for-profit organization, with the primary purpose of various regularly occurring culturally significant activities and programming. This includes community activities that promote the culture and well-being of those who occupy the space such as camps, arts, crafts, physical, social, charitable, and educational activities as well as social services primarily directed to the identifiable community. A community centre does not include portions of such building, site or structure used for any commercial or residential purposes. A club is not a community centre.

  • Community drop-in centre
  • Cultural centre
  • Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Provincially/Territorially Recognized Educational Institution


Permanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a provincially or territorially-recognized or accredited not-for-profit institution with a primary mandate related to education and training, and which identifies with a specific cultural, spiritual or religious community (e.g., faith-based schools, cultural and language schools, seminaries and other institutions that provide theological instruction).


  • Kindergarten
  • Junior Kindergarten
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Seminaries
  • Heritage language schools

The following are not eligible:

  • Post-secondary institutions (e.g. universities and colleges);
  • Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP; Québec only); and,
  • Publicly funded Catholic primary or secondary school (Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, NWT and Yukon only).

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Shelter


Permanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is operated as a 24/7 temporary housing facility by an organization that has as a primary mandate of serving individuals at-risk, victims and survivors of gender-based violence (including 2SLGBTQI+ peoples). The facility may be a primary stage support as a temporary emergency shelter or a secondary stage support as transitional supportive housing. Transitional supportive housing facilities must be for the purposes of supporting individuals experiencing gender-based violence and cannot be leased property. The transitional housing must be under the organization's legal ownership to be eligible.

  • 2SLGBTQI+ Shelters
  • Women's Shelters
  • Transitional Housing

Community-based facility


Other publicly accessible community-based facility used by Canadian private, not-for-profit organizations, associations, or societies for their operations.


  • Daycare
  • Office space

The following are not eligible:
Residential dwellings are not supported, with the exception of those who may fall under the gender-based violence shelters recipient class.


Please attach documentation that confirms that your private educational institution is recognized at the Provincial or Territorial level.

Section 2 – applying organization and contact information

Please provide information about your organization in this section. The organization applying for funding is the intended recipient which operates the facility at the project site.

Organization’s Legal Operating Name:

Organization’s Operating Name (if different from above):

Organization’s Address:

Street address:

Mailing address (if different than street address):



Postal Code (e.g., X1X 1X1) :

Telephone number (e.g., 555-555-5555) :

Website (if applicable) :

Please briefly describe the mandate of your organization:

Please provide your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business or registration number, GST/HST number, Federal and Provincial tax rebate percentage:

CRA business/registration number:

GST/HST number:

Federal (CRA) tax rebate percentage:

Provincial tax rebate percentage:

Will the proposed project activities only take place at the organization address identified above?

The project site is the physical location where your organization intends to install the proposed security measures. Only one application may be submitted for each project site and each project site requires a separate application.

Yes, it is the project site
No, the project is taking place at another location. Please specify address:

Organizational contact person:

Given name:



Street address:

Mailing address (if different than street address):



Postal Code (e.g., X1X 1X1) :

Telephone number (e.g., 555-555-5555):

Email address:

Does the organization contact person have signing authority on behalf of the organization?


If no, please provide the information of the individual with signing authority below:

Given name:



Street address:

Mailing address (if different than street address):



Postal Code (e.g., X1X 1X1) :

Telephone number (e.g., 555-555-5555):

Email address:

Has your organization received funding from the Government of Canada (grants or contributions) within the past 5 years?


If yes, complete the following for each project (inserting additional rows as needed):

Name of government department:

Funding program:

Has your organization been advised that it owes monies to the Government of Canada?

If yes, complete the following:

Amount owing:

Nature of the amount owed (taxes, penalties, overpayments):

Name of Government of Canada department or agency to which the amount is owed:

* Responding yes to this question will not invalidate your application.

Section 3 – project information

Please provide more information about your project:

Need for Project:  What are the threats to your project site and/or people engaged within it which you believe to be of greatest concern?

Please focus and elaborate on specific types of threatening situations such as vandalism, bodily harm, breaking and entering, theft etc. that your organization fears could occur at your project site.

Do you have any physical security measures currently in place at your project site?


If yes, please list and describe the physical security measures currently installed at your project site:

Based on the threats you identified, what protection measures are you proposing to put in place? (please select all that apply) 

Purchase and/or installation of modest security equipment and hardware;
Minor renovations to the interior or perimeter of the site directly related to enhancing the security of the building;
Contract security expertise for the completion of security assessment, security plans, emergency contingency plans and evacuation plans;
Provision of time-limited security personnel (Public Safety Canada contribution limit up to $500,000).

Anticipated start date:

Anticipated end date

(latest March 31, 2024):

Total Project Costs (CAD$):

Total amount requested from Public Safety Canada (CAD$):


In the table below, outline your project activities and protection measures.


Project Activity
(maximum of 15)


Security Objective

e.g., Hire 1 temporary security guard

e.g., Main entrance, perimeter checks, etc.

e.g., prevent intruders at main entrance

e.g., Installation of a CCTV surveillance camera system, including 10 outdoor cameras

e.g., Surrounding perimeter of the main building

e.g., Prevention of vandalism and bodily harm, breaking and entering, theft



Please provide a minimum of one quote(s) which provides a cost estimate of your proposed project activities and/or protection measures to be installed.
If submitting more than one quote, ensure all the proposed project activities and protection measures (i.e., training, labour, security equipment etc.) mentioned in your Workplan are included. Project activities and/or protection measures listed in your Workplan and Budget which do not have an associated quote will not be considered for funding.
Please ensure your quote(s) includes the vendor’s official legal business name, complete address, province/territory, and GST/HST tax information.
Each quote must contain a detailed breakdown, with security equipment and associated costs itemized.


Please provide a project budget using the Budget Template.

The expense items listed in the budget template must match the items listed in your chosen quote(s).

Project layout/floorplans (if applicable)

If applicable, please provide floorplans or a sketch which include a detailed visual overview of where your physical protection measures are proposed to be placed/installed both in the interior and exterior of the project site.

Section 4 - demographic information

Please provide information regarding the communities your organization serves and/or represents in this section. Information provided in this section is for statistical purposes and will not impact your application. However, completion of this section is mandatory. Should you have any questions about this section, please refer to the SIP Application Guide or contact

Target group (policy intent)

Please identity up to four (4) demographical categories that best describe or are the most applicable to your organization (at the project site). In particular, this proposal is primarily designed to benefit:
Specific regions 
Indigenous Community/Reserve
A particular demographic group (Please identity up to four (4) demographical categories).

Indigenous Peoples, please specify:
First Nations
Particular races(s), ethnicity(ies) or nationality(ies)
Religious or spiritual communities
Persons with disabilities or health considerations or their caregivers
Children or Youth

Newcomers or Immigrants, please specify:
1st generation;
2nd generation;
3rd generation or more
Non-permanent status
Individuals of particular socio-economic status
Individuals of particular educational level
Individuals of particular familial characteristics (e.g. marital status, family status)

Please explain (1-2 sentences/250 words):

Note: exceptionally, if none of the options above can adequately reflect the intended group of the proposal, please use the explanatory box to provide further details.
*Applicable to all persons living in Canada
**Select for initiatives aimed at helping women specifically and/or advancing gender equality more broadly.

Your community feels most vulnerable to hate crimes motivated by:

Please select all that apply:

Race, Nationality or Ethnicity
Which race(s), nationality(ies) or ethnic group(s) does your organization (at the project site) best identify with? Please specify up to four (4):
Latin American
West Asian (e.g., Iranian, Afghan, etc.)
South Asian (e.g., East Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, etc.)
White (Caucasian)
Other, please specify:

Which religious or spiritual belief does your organization (at this project site) best identify with?
Traditional (North American Indigenous) Spirituality
Other religion(s) or spiritual tradition(s), please specify:

Sexual Orientation

Please identify the most commonly used language(s) by the population serviced by your organization at the project site:
Please select only those that specifically apply to your project site.
Indigenous Languages/Dialects
Other, please specify:


Sex and/or Gender


Other similar factors

Unknown motivation

Will this project include the services of a current or former Federal public servant either as an employee or as a member of the Board of Directors or advisory committee?


If yes, please describe their role and provide assurance that the public servant (or former public servant) is in compliance with the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector, and the Conflict of Interest Act (S.C. 2006, c.9) or the Parliament of Canada Act (R.S. 1985, c.P-1.01):

Will this project include the services of a lobbyists?


If yes, please provide assurance that, where lobbyists are used, they are registered in accordance with the Lobbying Act (R.S.C., 1985, c44 (4th supp.)) and that no commissions or contingency fees have or will be paid directly or indirectly to any person for negotiating or securing this request for funding:

Will the project have an impact on Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs) and does the project offer an opportunity to foster the full recognition and use of English and French in Canadian Society?


If yes, please describe the needs of the official language group (anglophone/francophone) will be addressed. If there are none to be consider, please provide a rationale as to why:

Section 5 – declaration and signature

As an authorized representative of the organization submitting this application, I declare that:

And understand that:

I acknowledge that I understand and agree with the statements above.
I acknowledge that I understand and do not agree with the statements above. (If you do not agree your application will not be considered for funding.)




Would you like to provide any feedback with regards to this application form (i.e. understanding, technology, questions, length, user-friendliness etc.), other resources or the process?

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

For helpful tips on completing your application, please refer to the following resources:

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