National Expert Committee on Countering Radicalization to Violence

The committee will ensure that the Canada Centre's efforts to implement the National Strategy on Countering Radicalization to Violence will help meet the Strategy's three priorities: building, sharing and using knowledge; addressing radicalization to violence in the online space; and supporting interventions.

Its members reflect a broad representation of backgrounds and expertise in the field:

Dr. Jaspreet Khangura
Dr. Jaspreet Khangura is an Emergency Physician (FRCPC) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Northeast Community Health Centre in Edmonton, AB. Following Dr. Khangura's Doctor of Medicine (MD) at UBC, she completed a Masters of Science in Evidence-Based Health Care (with distinction) and Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. Dr. Khangura was also a 2015-2017 Jeanne Sauvé Fellow. Dr. Khangura is a graduate of the University of Alberta's Emergency Medicine program and is interested in improving health outcomes for vulnerable and marginalized populations.
Irfan Chaudhry
Irfan Chaudhry is a hate crimes researcher and the Director of the Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity at MacEwan University. He was a former race relations specialist for the Racism Free Edmonton Project, and a co-founder of “The Mosquers”, a video competition for local Muslim youth. Mr. Chaudhry was also instrumental in creating the website, a 3rd party hate incident reporting platform that documents hate incidents in Alberta while he was a member of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee.
Dr. Shelly Whitman
Dr. Shelly Whitman is the Executive Director of The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, and considered a subject matter expert on the issue of child soldiers. Dr. Whitman has an extensive career as an academic, teaching in International Development Studies and Political Science at Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and the University of Botswana. Dr. Whitman has also created a number of key, international agreements and policies on the protection of children. Dr. Whitman's research interests broadly focus on issues related to peace, development and human security.
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