Ministerial Direction on Threats to the Security of Canada Directed at Parliament and Parliamentarians

The Parliament of Canada is at the heart of Canada’s democracy. As such, it is imperative that all parliamentarians are able to exercise their roles fully and without hindrance or interference from foreign states or hostile actors.

To this end, I expect that threats to the security of Canada directed at Parliament and parliamentarians, including those conducted through their family and staff, receive the highest level of attention from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in collaboration with the national security and intelligence community. In doing so, I continue to expect that CSIS will at all times respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the rule of law.

Pursuant to subsection 6(2) of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act, I have issued the following direction to describe my expectations in this regard.

  1. CSIS will investigate all threats to the security of Canada that target Parliament and parliamentarians in a manner proportional to the threat and the importance of Parliament to Canada’s democracy and national security.
  2. When CSIS assesses, in accordance with its mandate, there to be a threat to the security of Canada directed at Parliament or a parliamentarian, it will pursue the appropriate lawful methods in response, including but not limited to the taking of threat reduction measures and disclosures to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or other law enforcement agencies.
  3. CSIS will seek, wherever possible within the law and while protecting the security and integrity of national security and intelligence operations and investigations, to ensure that parliamentarians are informed of threats to the security of Canada directed at them. This may involve direct disclosures, or by working with other bodies, such as Government of Canada departments, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or other law enforcement agencies, as the law permits.
  4. The Minister of Public Safety will be informed of all instances of threats to the security of Canada directed at Parliament or parliamentarians in a timely manner and with an explanation of how CSIS will implement the above directions.
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