Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards Over $25,000

Recipient name : Conseil des Atikamekw d’Opitciwan
Location : Opitciwan, Québec
Date : 2012-01-09
Value : $652,249.00
Type : Contribution
Purpose : This program is a direct intervention project, based on the Atikamekw culture, designed to foster the development of new and creative learning. The goal of the project is to introduce and validate a problem-solving method that is rooted in personal and cultural identity and reinforces that identity so that the participants’ spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health is restored, which will result in and that helps young people realize their potential to be healthy, responsible and active in their community. The program is comprised of three elements: strengthening of the Atikamekw identity through the transfer of knowledge and skills by means of spiritual guides; group activities aimed at developing social skills and, a holistic approach based on traditional intervention, which will establish changes in behaviour that promote community values. The project will target 490 Opitciwan youth with drug and/or alcohol problems, boys and girls, ages 11 to 17.
Comments : Multi-Year: 2011/2012 to 2014/2015.
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