Key Contacts and Stakeholders

Cabinet Counterparts

Many aspects of the Portfolio’s work require close collaboration with other federal Ministers. While the Cabinet structure varies over time, key partners outside the Public Safety Portfolio typically include Ministers responsible for Justice; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; Innovation, Science and Economic Development; Foreign Affairs; Infrastructure Canada; Environment and Climate Change Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Crown and Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs; Indigenous Services; Health Canada; and National Defence. The Department will support you in maintaining these relations through ongoing collaboration.

Provincial and Territorial Counterparts

Discussions between federal, provincial and territorial governments occur in a variety of fora, including in formalized structures and though bilateral meeting, which will support you to deliver on your mandate. Regular meetings at the officials’ level support the development of options for deputy minister and ministerial consideration.

Criminal justice, public safety and emergency management are areas of shared federal, provincial and territorial responsibility, which means that intergovernmental collaboration and consultation are essential. In some jurisdictions, PT Ministers are accountable for broad areas of responsibility similar to yours, while in others, these responsibilities are assigned differently.

Provincial and Territorial Ministers


The Honourable Mickey Amery
Minister of Justice

The Honourable Jason Nixon
Minister of Senior, Community and Social Services

British Columbia

The Honourable Mike Farnworth
Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, and Deputy Premier

The Honourable Niki Sharma
Attorney General


The Honourable Kelvin Goertzen
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

New Brunswick

The Honourable Hugh J. A. (Ted) Flemming
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

The Honourable Kris Austin
Minister of Public Safety

Newfoundland & Labrador

The Honourable John Hogan
Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Attorney General

Northwest Territories

The Honourable R.J. Simpson
Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment

The Honourable Shane Thompson
Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Minister Responsible for Youth

Nova Scotia

The Honourable Brad Johns
Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Provincial Secretary

The Honourable John Lohr
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Minister Responsible for the Office of Emergency Management


The Honourable David Akeeagok
Minister of Justice

The Honourable David Joanasie
Minister of Community and Government Services


The Honourable Michael Kerzner
Solicitor General

The Honourable Doug Downey
Attorney General

Prince Edward Island

The Honourable Bloyce Thompson
Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General, Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Premier


The Honourable François Bonnardel
Ministre de la Sécurité publique


The Honourable Christine Tell
Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency

The Honourable Bronwyn Eyre
Minister of Justice and Attorney General


The Honourable Tracy-Anne McPhee
Minister of Justice, Minister of Health and Social Services

FPT Tables

You will work with your PT counterparts through the FPT Table of Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety. These fora provide you with the opportunity to consult your PT colleagues and exchange views and concerns on issues of common interest.

External Stakeholders

Advancing Canada’s public safety interests requires effective engagement with a variety of non-governmental stakeholders and Indigenous organizations. In a number of instances, these organizations are also partners in policy development and program implementation.

Among the many with which you will engage, key domestic stakeholder groups include:

The Department and Portfolio engage with these groups on an ongoing basis and will also support your relations with these organizations as you require. The Portfolio also engages Canadians through a variety of communications and outreach activities. For example, the
Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security provides a forum for the Government to seek community-level input on national security issues. Members of the Roundtable are leaders within their communities who bring their own personal experiences to the table and help inform the Department’s policy work.

International Partners

The United States is your key international partner along with other Five Eyes countries (an intelligence alliance composed of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States). As well, you will advance Canada’s security interests with G7 counterparts through regular G7 Security Ministers meetings.

Key international contacts

Early Outreach

Traditionally, a newly appointed Minister would contact a number of key stakeholders within the initial weeks of taking office. Whenever such meetings or phone calls are scheduled, departmental officials would prepare briefing materials and talking points to assist in these discussions.

While not an exhaustive list, the following provides some suggested guidance on some notable stakeholders you may wish to engage.



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