Governor in Council and Ministerial Appointments

Governor in Council (GIC) Appointments

GIC appointments are those made by the GIC – the Governor General acting on advice of Cabinet. An Order in Council is the legal instrument, which, when signed by the Governor General, formalizes an appointment.

In 2016, the Government implemented a new approach for GIC appointments (open, transparent, and merit-based (OTMB) selection processes). Appointments are subject to a formal, advertised selection process (GIC appointments website), and candidates are assessed against the selection criteria developed for the position. Recommendations under this process take into consideration gender parity, representation of Indigenous Peoples, linguistic, regional and employment equity representation.

The Minister, supported by Public Safety and the Privy Council Office (PCO), manages process to select and recommend individuals to the GIC for the appointments for over one hundred active GIC positions in the Public Safety Portfolio. These positions are located in the following organizations:

Review Bodies

Portfolio Independent Body

Advisory Board

Ministerial Appointments

Ministerial appointments are made under the authority of the Minister of Public Safety and do not require the approval of the GIC. A Minister’s authority to make Ministerial appointments may come from a variety of sources, including federal and provincial legislation, federal/provincial/territorial and international agreements, and the documents (e.g., act, order in council, charter) that create, continue or establish an organization.

There are over one hundred Ministerial appointment positions in the Public Safety Portfolio, spanning across eleven bodies, and one additional body that is to be established:

Ministerial Appointments




Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC)

Provides advice to the Minister on reforms to Canada’s firearms policies, laws and regulations. Initially established in 2006, the CFAC was revived in 2017 to solicit stakeholders’ views in the development of the firearms agenda.

Appointees include up to 15 voluntary part-time positions (Chair, Vice-Chair and up to 13 members). All positions are vacant.

CORCAN Advisory Board

Established pursuant to the creation of CORCAN as a Special Operating Agency in 1992; provides advice to the CORCAN Executive Management Committee on a broad range of issues including offender vocational training, employment opportunities, business activities, and partnerships with private sector and non-governmental organizations

Appointees include up to 12 part-time members. All positions are vacant (since 2013).

Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security (CCRS)

Created in February 2005 and reports directly to the Ministers of Public Safety and Justice. The CCRS provides the Ministers and various federal departments with a forum to consult with highly engaged diverse community leaders on policy and program proposals.

Appointees include up to 15 part-time voluntary positions (Chair, Vice-Chair and up to 13 members). All positions are vacant.

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) Independent Chairpersons

Ensure fair and impartial adjudication proceedings for inmates charged with serious disciplinary offences through: conducting disciplinary offence hearings, participating in information sessions, participating in orientation, and participating in consultation sessions with staff members and/or inmates.

Appointees include over 40 part-time positions across the country’s five regions. 21 positions are vacant.

Independent External Decision-Makers

Appointed to decide cases of inmates placed in Structured Intervention Units (SIUs) and provide external and independent oversight of the new SIU approach.

Appointees include up to 12 part-time positions (2 Senior members and up to ten members). All positions are filled.

National DNA Data Bank Advisory Committee

Mandated to report and advise the Commissioner of the RCMP on all matters related to the effective and efficient operation of the National DNA Data Bank and to assist in preventing potential misuse of DNA information.

Appointees include up to 8 part-time positions (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and 6 members). All positions are full.

National Expert Committee on Countering Radicalization to Violence

Members provide advice for the Minister and on countering radicalization to violence (CRV), and inform Canada Centre on Community Engagement and Prevention to Violence policy, programming and research activities, including the Community Resilience Fund grants and contributions program.

Appointees include between 9 to 12 voluntary part-time positions (2 Co-chairs and up to 10 members). All positions are vacant.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Pension Advisory Committee

Oversees matters related to the administration, design and funding of the benefits provided under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act, and make recommendations to the Minister about those matters; and review any other pension-related matters that the Minister may refer to it.

Appointees include up to 8 voluntary part-time positions (Chairperson and up to 7 members). One position is vacant.

Public Sector Pension Investment Board Nominating Committee

Established by the President of the Treasury Board, the Nominating Committee establishes a list of qualified candidates for proposed appointment as directors of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board.

While the Nominating Committee Consists of a total of 8 members, 2 members are appointed by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (voluntary part-time positions).

Special Advisor to Combat Human Trafficking

Provides expert advice to the Government on its efforts to combat and raise awareness about human trafficking.

Appointees include 2 positions (a Chief Advisor (to be established) and a part-time Special Advisor). Special Advisor term expired on September 19, 2021

Structured Intervention Unit Implementation Advisory Panel

Members have a mandate to report to the Minister on whether Structured Intervention Units are being implemented and operated in accordance with the legislation (Bill C-83). The Panel also provides non-binding recommendations and advice to the Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Appointees include up to 10 positions (Chair and up to 9 members). A chair and 5 members have been appointed.

Survivor-led Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking (to be established)

As part of the new National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking, PS is intending to establish a survivor-led Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking. The Committee will provide a platform for human trafficking victims and survivors from diverse backgrounds and experiences (e.g., Indigenous women and girls, LGBTQ2 persons, persons with disabilities, at-risk youth) to provide advice and recommendations to help inform the Government of Canada’s anti-trafficking efforts



Typically, the Minister designates a senior staff member in the Minister’s Office to be responsible for GIC and Ministerial appointments.

The OTMB approach to GIC appointments also applies in principle to Ministerial Appointments – Ministers and departments should when possible implement selection processes that respects this approach.

Decisions may be required for certain GIC and ministerial appointments early in the mandate.

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