Ministerial Welcome Letter


Dear Minister,

Congratulations on your appointment as Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and welcome to the Public Safety Portfolio. As the Deputy Minister of Public Safety Canada, I look forward to working with you. I am confident that you will be well supported by a dynamic, diverse and experienced team at the Department and across the Portfolio.

There is no greater responsibility than keeping Canadians safe. A fundamental priority for the federal government is the safety of its citizens and we all look forward to working with you in the pursuit of this goal. In the coming days, I will meet with you to introduce you to the Portfolio and the range of issues within your mandate.

To provide you with initial information, we have prepared two binders that will be shared both in electronic and hardcopy formats: 1) a Reference Binder, which provides an overview the Department and Public Safety Portfolio; and 2) an Issues Binder, which provides an outline of key issues pertaining to your mandate.

In the meantime, as you may be approached by the media regarding your appointment and some of the key issues facing the Portfolio, enclosed is a pocketbook with holding media lines and key contact information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or my Chief of Staff, Bronwyn May. Our office numbers are 613-991-2895 and 613-867-0408, respectively.


Rob Stewart

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