Minister Leblanc's Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security
Bill C-26, An Act Respecting Cyber Security

February 15, 2024

Overview and Opening Remarks

  1. Overview Note
  2. SECU Biographies
  3. Opening Remarks for the Minister

General Information on Bill C-26

  1. Overview Deck
  2. ARCS High level overview
  3. Q&A – Telecommunications Act Amendments
  4. Q&A – Critical Cyber Systems Protection Act

Communications Products

  1. News Release
  2. Backgrounder – Overview of the Proposed Changes to the Telecommunications Act
  3. Backgrounder – Protecting Critical Cyber Systems
  4. Media Lines – Introduction of the Act Respecting Cyber Security

Summary of Issues Raised

  1. Second Reading Debate
  2. Industry Stakeholders and Associations – Telecommunications Act Amendments
  3. Industry Stakeholders and Associations – Critical Cyber Systems Protection Act

Charter Statement

  1. Charter Statement

Issue Notes

  1. Fifth Generation Wireless Networks (5G)
  2. Protecting Critical Cyber Systems
  3. Ransomware
  4. Cyber Security and Protecting Canada's Critical Infrastructure
  5. National Cyber Security Strategy
  6. Foreign Interference – Overview of Hostile Activities
  7. Security Concerns with TikTok Social Media Application
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