Parliamentary Committee Notes: Minister Mendicino’s Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights Canada’s Bail System - March 22, 2023

Table of Contents

Opening Remarks and Overview

  1. Overview Note (PACB)
  2. Opening Remarks (PACB)
  3. JUST Committee Membership (DoJ)
  4. Question Period Transcripts (PACB)

Hot Issues Notes

  1. Repeat Violent Offenders and Offender Reintegration (CPB)
  2. Federal Framework to Reduce Recidivism (CPB)
  3. Action Against Gun and Gang Violence related to Bail Reform (CPB)
  4. Complementary Firearms and Gun Violence Measures (CPB)
  5. Saskatchewan Event (CPB)
  6. Bail vs. Conditional Release (CPB)
  7. Police Support for Bail Reform (RCMP)
  8. Overrepresentation (Indigenous Offenders) (CPB)
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