Parliamentary Committee Notes: Deputy Minister Tupper’s Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC) - March 1, 2023

Study on the matter of Foreign Election Interference

Opening Remarks and Overview

  1. Overview Note (PACB)
  2. NSIA Opening Remarks (PCO)
  3. PROC Committee Membership

Hot Issue Notes

  1. Key Messages – China (NCSB)
  2. Government of Canada Approach to National Security (NCSB)
  3. Foreign Interference: Election Interference (NCSB)
  4. Critical Election Incident Public Protocol – PS Role (NCSB)
  5. Foreign Interference: Threats to Communities (NCSB)
  6. Foreign Interference: Overview of Hostile Activities by State Actors (NCSB)
  7. Foreign Interference: Foreign Agent Registry (NCSB)
  8. Challenges Associated With the Use of Intelligence as Evidence in Civil and Criminal Proceedings (NCSB)
  9. Transparency, Review and Diversity and Inclusion in National Security (NCSB)
  10. Economic Security (NCSB)
  11. Research Security in Canada (NCSB)
  12. Procurement Security (NCSB)
  13. Cyber Security During COVID-19 Pandemic (NCSB)
  14. Telecommunications Act Amendments and 5G Security (NCSB)
  15. Security Concerns with TikTok Social Media Application (NCSB)
  16. High Altitude Surveillance Balloon (NCSB)
  17. Overseas Police Stations (RCMP)
  18. Canada-China Diplomatic Relations (GAC)
  19. Use of the term “genocide” and the Situation in Xinjiang (GAC)
  20. Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (PACB)
  21. Removals – Cases with Criminality (CBSA)
  22. Border Lookouts (CBSA)

Background material

  1. QP Transcript – Election Interference (PACB)
  2. PROC Transcripts – Election Interference Study
  3. CACN Transcript – Minister Mendicino – February 6 2023
  4. Critical Election Incident Public Protocol Inforgraphic (NCSB)
  5. SITE Task Force – Partner Roles Inforgraphic (NCSB)
  6. CSIS Key Messages and Threat Overview (CSIS)
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