Full list of Investments found in the budgets since 2015 - RCMP

Date October 26, 2020
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Branch / Agency: RCMP

Full list of Investments found in the budgets since 2015 - RCMP

Budget 2015

National Counterfeit Enforcement Strategy

$15M over 5 years

Countering Terrorism

$149.9 over 5 years
$46.5M ongoing

Memorial for Three Moncton Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers

$1M for one year

Budget 2016

One Year Integrity Funding to Maintain Current Operations

$79.3M for one year

National Forensic Laboratory (Vancouver) Relocation

$60.4M over 5 years

International Police Peacekeeping and Peace Operations

$106.5M over 3 years

Security at Official Residences

$5.5M over 5 years

Federal Infrastructure Program – RCMP Projects

$64.0M over 5 years

Budget 2017

Multi-Year Immigration Levels Planning

$4.7M over 5 years
$1.1M ongoing

Protecting Air Travellers – inclusive of funding for CATSA, Transport Canada and RCMP

$152M in 2017-18

Government of Canada Commitment  to Address Gender-Based Violence – inclusive of funding for Department of National Defence and RCMP

$100.9M over 5 years
$20.7M ongoing

2017 Fall Economic Statement


Supporting RCMP Front-Line Operations- Inclusive of funding for RCMP and the RCMP External Review Committee

$100M over 3 years

New Legal Framework to Strictly Regulate and Restrict Access to Cannabis – inclusive of Funding for Health Canada, RCMP, CBSA and Public Safety

$526M over 5 years

Strengthening and Enforcing Drug-Impaired Driving – inclusive of Funding for Public Safety, RCMP and CBSA.

$138 over 5 years
$12M Ongoing

Budget 2018

Initiative to Take Action Against Guns and Gangs

$38M over 5 years

Canada’s 2018 G7 Presidency and Leaders’ Summit

$259M over 2 years

Supporting RCMP Frontline Operations

$80M for one year

Renewing Radio Systems for the RCMP.

$60.2M over 5 years and $9.5M ongoing

Action Plan and Supports on Mental Health for Public Safety Officers

$21.4M over 5 years

Renewing and Enhancing the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

$7.4M over 5 years
$1.5M ongoing

Ensuring Security and Prosperity in the Digital Age: Cyber

$201.3M over 5 years
$43.0M ongoing

Gender Based Violence

$19.3M over 5 years
$5.8M ongoing

Addressing “Unfounded” Cases of Sexual Assault and Better Support Victims

$10M over five years
$2M ongoing

Irregular Migration: Managing the Border

$9.5M for one year

Migrant Smuggling

$26.2M over 5 years

Budget 2019

Asylum Reform

$77.3M over 5 years
$13.5M ongoing

CATSA Transition Funding

$11.5M over 3 years

Departmental Review - RCMP

$508.6M over 5 years

Emerging Economic-Based National Security Threats

$5.7M over 5 years
$1.2M ongoing

RCMP - Class Action Settlements

$197.5M 3 years

Enhanced Federal Policing Capacity Strengthening Canada's AML-ATF Regime

$68.9M over 5 years
$20M ongoing

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Disability Pension Program Adjustments

$120M over 2 years

Economic and Fiscal Update 2019


Anti-Money Laundering Support for the RCMP

$8M over 6 years

Economic and Fiscal Snapshot 2020


Supporting and Enhancing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Funding to the RCMP to stabilize and strengthen core operations
  • Funding to the RCMP for the creation of the Independent Centre for the Resolution of Harassment

$464.4M over 5 years
$177.9 ongoing


Prepared by: Denise Nesrallah, Director General of Financial Management, 613-843-5453
Approved by: Jen O’Donoughue, Chief Financial Officer, 613-286-8016

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