US Elections

Date: 2020 10 30
Classification: Unclassified
Fully releasable (ATIP)? Yes, except phone.
Branch / Agency: CSIS


This tasking follows a briefing with the Minister of Public Safety.

Proposed Response:


CSIS takes very seriously the longstanding threats posed by individuals who engage in religiously, politically or ideologically-motivated violent extremism.

The uncertain environment caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic is ripe for exploitation caused by those making and spreading extremist propaganda. Though based in the United States, this trend has had an international reach, including in Canada with narratives like QAnon.

On top of the pandemic, protests in the US and the election campaign have provided fuel for the discourse of a variety of IMVE groups in the US some of which also have links to Canada. CSIS is aware of acts of violence and disrupted plots in the US with links to some of these entities.

Here at home, CSIS is responsible for advising the Government of Canada on foreign interference threats to national security. CSIS is aware of the FBI’s announcement last week that it had identified that two foreign actors, Iran and Russia, had taken specific actions to influence public opinion ahead of the upcoming US elections.

CSIS continues to play a key role in protecting Canada’s democracy as investigates threats of foreign interference, and advises government partners accordingly.


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