Systemic Racism in the RCMP

Date: June 15, 2020

Classification: Unclassified

Branch/Agency: RCMP

Issue: To address concerns regarding systemic racism in the RCMP

Proposed Response:


The RCMP is facing greater scrutiny following a series of recent incidents across Canada, including a First Nations Chief in Alberta who claims we was beaten by police over an expired licence plate tag and a man in Nunavut who was arrested by being knocked over by a police vehicle.

Ove the past two years, the RCMP has initiated a review of its policies and programs to ensure they are barrier-free. This included a GBA+ of its recruiting process, which identified areas for improvement.  Further reviews are underway to address areas that are barriers to diverse applicants.  The RCMP is also developing a strategy to increase diversity at the senior levels in response to a recent audit of Commissioned Officer Staffing.

Recently, the RCMP launched a pilot program to help Inuit candidates navigate the recruitment process. The goal is to encourage Inuit candidates to consider a career in policing with the RCMP, as well as to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges faced by Inuit applicants with a view to improving the application process.

We are committed to providing every part of the country with culturally competent policing that can serve Canadian communities in a bias-free and professional manner. Welcoming individuals from all backgrounds into the RCMP is important to achieving this goal.  The RCMP is an organization where dignity is expected and respect is earned.

The RCMP continues to work towards modernizing its culture which includes being more inclusive and diverse. 

Like many departments, the RCMP has adopted Gender-based analysis+ as a tool to examine systemic issues and inequities. The RCMP Gender based analysis is being used as the organization reviews its recruiting practices, the training offered to front line officers, and as it continues to make key changes to workplace and operational policies.

The RCMP is working with the newly created Management Advisory Board to incorporate its expertise in a number of areas, including workplace culture, human resources and governance.

The RCMP is making concrete progress in establishing the foundation for change and to address key issues including diversity and inclusion, Wellness and Reconciliation. 

The RCMP is also actively supporting the National Action Plans to address gender-based violence, calls to justice from the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Commission, as well as the Anti-Racism Strategy led by Canadian Heritage.

While there are a number of actions underway, seeing changes in its workforce in an organization as large as the RCMP will take time, but I am confident that the organization is moving in the right direction.


Prepared by: Alexandre Wood Analyst 613 825-5973

Approved by:Gail Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer 613-843-6199

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