ArriveCAN Mobile Application

Date: May 4, 2020

Classification: Unclassified

Branch/Agency: ISTB/CBSA


The ArriveCAN mobile application was launched nationally on April 29.

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If pressed:

The App is not capable of geolocating or tracking individuals; it is simply an app to facilitate completion of the PHAC form, electronically.


Effective April 29, 2020, ports of entry are taking the following steps to launch and promote the ArriveCAN mobile application:

In air mode:

In land mode:

Travellers can use their personal electronic device to download the application and enter the requested personal information. Travellers who provide their personal contact information on the ArriveCAN App, are required to show the completion screen to the BSO. Once they show the completion screen, they can request a security token from the BSO, which will allow them to complete the submission.

The ArriveCAN App cannot be used to track people’s location automatically through their phone or via GPS, nor is it a surveillance tool. The protection of Canadians’ information is a priority for the Government of Canada, and any tool used to collect personal information undergoes a rigorous privacy assessment.

The ArriveCan App also supports Canada’s digital strategy for services to Canadians and enhances efforts to go green. The ArriveCan App is currently available in Google Play or the Apple Store. It is also available as a web application that can be accessed through any laptop or desktop computer browser.

As of May 2, ArriveCAN was downloaded 9,465 times from the Google Play and Apple Stores where it is available for download. Travellers are being encouraged to use the mobile application. A comprehensive communications and social media plan (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) by PHAC and CBSA was launched April 29th, for the national roll-out. 


Prepared by: Carol Sabourin, Executive Director, ISTB, [REDACTED]

Approved by: Minh Doan, Vice-President, ISTB, [REDACTED]

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