Exemptions: Closing the Borders

Classification: Unclassified

Branch/Agency: Transport Canada

Proposed Response:


Closing the Border Exemptions

These exceptions are made under paragraph 5.9(2) of the authority of the Aeronautics Act and support the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Emergency Order, which is issued under section 58 of the Quarantine Act.

Much of the work that is done by foreign nationals in this category is tied directly to food security, meeting domestic market demand for fruits and vegetables. The next few weeks (March/April) are critical for the 2020 growing and harvesting season. Based on 2019 data, work permits issued in these categories account for 15% of the 405,000 temporary work permits issued last year.

This exception will allow international students studying at a Canadian institution who may be stranded outside of Canada, to return to reunite with their host families and continue their studies. Most post-secondary institutions have switched to online learning and have not cancelled the school year. Please contact IRCC for more information.


Prepared by: Adriana Simedrea, Chief, Parliamentary Affairs, Transport Canada, 613-993-9177

Approved by: Jimmy Brackenridge, Director, Strategic Services, Transport Canada, 613-852-5763

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