Business Continuity Planning

Classification: Unclassified

Branch/Agency: Parole Board of Canada

Proposed Response:

If asked about impact on victims’ rights


As part of its Business Continuity Planning in response to the current COVID-19 situation, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) has streamlined its operations to core functions: Conditional release decisions, operations and appeals; Board member appointments; Pardon / record suspension revocations; Essential internal services (e.g., pay, HRMS, finance, mailroom).

In accordance with directive received from the Treasury Board Secretariat, most PBC staff are working from home (telework) and managers exercising the widest discretion to facilitate alternate work arrangements and ease staff anxiety. Staff at home are working irregular hours to help alleviate and deal with issues around network access.

A small number of Board members, executives, managers and critical staff are reporting to PBC offices – but practicing social distancing at work.

Casuals/Terms/Students – we have very few, but they will be informed that PBC will honor their contract and pay them, as per most recent OCHRO direction.

Hearings are being conducted by videoconference and this is generally working well. CSC has restricted access to visitors to its institutions. PBC has aligned itself and suspended observers at hearings, including victims. PBC regional offices have notified victims and observers directly. Some victims have expressed frustration publicly that hearings are proceeding (according to law) without victim attendance.

The Pardons and Record Suspension function has been suspended except for revocations. Revocations have a public safety impact and legal risk if not actioned.

ATIP function – deemed critical and continues to function; extensions of deadlines are being sought in some cases.


Prepared by: Mark Prieur, Director, Public Affairs and Partnerships, 613-808-7588

Approved by: Daryl Churney, Executive Director General, 613-404-4344

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