Ministerial Appearance Before The Senate (Committee Of The Whole): Debate On Systemic Racism


Table of Contents

  1. Blues from Minister's June 23, 2020, Appearance Before SECU
  2. Summary of Public Safety Legislation
  3. Firearms Ban RIAS, RCMP Release on FRT
  4. List of Reports provided to the Government on Criminal Justice Systems Issues Since 2015
  5. CRCC's Mandate, Stats and Major Reports Outstanding
  6. RCMP Stats and Recent Media Lines (Clare's Law)
  7. FNPP Background and Program Stats
  8. List of Anti-Bias / Sensitivity Training Being Done by Portfolio Organizations
  9. List of Programs Relevant to the Anti-bias Sensitivity Training
  10. CSC Stats on Incarceration, Covid Management (placemats)
  11. Reports on RCMP (Fraser, other), Class Actions Settled, Commissioner's Mandate
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