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There has been significant media attention since the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their intent to step down as Senior Royals to pursue a new role in the Royal Family and reside part-time in North America.

On January 18, 2020, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will step down from their royal duties and reside in Canada on a part-time basis, effective spring 2020. The Sussex’s have deep ties to Canada; however, this plan has raised a number of unprecedented questions (and significant media focus) regarding Canada’s obligations to the Duke and Duchess, particularly related to security costs and the provision of protection.

As per RCMP Regulations (s.14), the RCMP has the duty to protect identified Canadian Executives (e.g., Prime Ministers, Governor General, justices of the Supreme Court, Cabinet Ministers), any other Canadian citizen or permanent resident (as defined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), who is designated by the Minister of Public Safety, Internationally Protected Persons or any foreign national who is designated by the Minister of Public Safety.

In the past, the RCMP has provided protective security to different members of the Royal Family while in Canada; however, the scope and type of services provided was dependent on the nature of the visit – i.e., in an official capacity on behalf of the Queen, or a working or private visit; whether the individual was designated by the Minister of Public Safety to receive protection from the RCMP, and in accordance with the RCMP’s assessment of the threat and risk to the security of the person.

As the Duke and Duchess have renounced their royal titles, the determination of future security obligations, designations, needs and/or associated costs has not yet been made.


Prepared by: Sean McGillis, Executive Director, Federal Policing Strategic Direction, RCMP,  613-843-5914

Approved by: Mike Duheme, Deputy Commissioner Federal Policing, RCMP, 613-843-4627

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