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All activities associated to this issue will be sourced from existing operational budgets.


In 2016, at the request of the “H” Division Commanding Officer (CO), the Nova Scotia RCMP conducted a feasibility study to examine and make recommendations on the sustainability of the current Operational Communications Centre (OCC) beyond the next ten years, given the current building in Truro was reaching the end of its lifespan. The focus during the study was on the health and safety of RCMP employees, operational requirements and fiscal responsibility. 

The feasibility study which was finalized and presented to the CO in 2017 outlined six (6) options for the future of the OCC: remain in the current building; renovate the existing OCC; construct a new building in Truro; or relocate to one of three locations (i.e. leased space within the Truro area; “H” Division Headquarters or the Power Centre on Millbrook First Nation). Upon review of the study, the CO requested additional information and analysis for each option.

Following the completion of additional research, the “H” Division Executive Committee unanimously decided to relocate the OCC to “H” Division Headquarters – a decision that was supported by the Province and the RCMP Commissioner.

The former MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, Mr. Bill Casey, continually expressed concerns over the possible OCC relocation, and backed a proposal to have the OCC relocated to the Millbrook First Nation. Mr. Casey also spoke with the Auditor General about the OCC relocation. As a result of Mr. Casey's January 8, 2019 request to the Auditor General, “H” Division and RCMP NHQ stakeholders spoke with representatives from the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) about OCCs; the OAG subsequently requested documentation on this issue that was provided by the RCMP on January 22, 2019.  

On February 18, 2019, Mr. Casey further contacted the Minister of Public Safety about his concerns of there being two Public Safety Answering Points in the Halifax Regional Municipality once the OCC moved to “H” Division Headquarters. The Minister asked the RCMP to look at these concerns. The RCMP made the decision to seek an independent examination while other work continued on the relocation.

Current Status

The RCMP is committed to having the independent examination completed. Once the independent examination is complete, the RCMP will review the results to determine its response. The independent examination will not impact the relocation of the OCC.

The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for the Truro OCC contains several layers of redundancy as the safety of communities and RCMP employees during any emergency situation remains a primary concern. Contingency plans for the “H” Division RCMP once it moves to Dartmouth will include a back-up RCMP OCC location outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality and portable equipment that would allow the RCMP to restart operations should both the primary and back-up OCC be non-operational. Additionally, divisional plans to locate a back-up OCC outside the Halifax Regional Municipality ensures the option to operate from that location if necessary.

A suite within “H” Division Headquarters has been identified for the future OCC.  Physical Security has been fully engaged to ensure the location meets OCC security requirements. The design has been finalized and the construction contract will be awarded upon completion of security clearances. 

Indeterminate Public Service Employees received official Relocation of Work Unit letters on March 27, 2019. Civilian and Regular Members will receive official notice of the relocation in line with their terms and conditions at a later date. The RCMP is committed to supporting employees during this transition.

Strategic Consideration

The decision to relocate the Truro OCC to Dartmouth was reached following significant consideration and analysis, taking into account not only the recommendations in the 2017 Report on Feasibility Study of the RCMP “H” Division OCC, but also a comprehensive assessment of available options. 

With current technology and BCP, relocating the OCC to “H” Division Headquarters does not pose any operational issues in terms of redundancy of service in a geographical location, including in an adjacent RCMP Division.

Opposition by the MP for the Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley area continues. The CUPE Local 104 President also continues to oppose the move; however, there has been no employee impact to operations since the announcement of the relocation.


Prepared by: Matt Barthe, Policy Analyst – 613-843-5009

Approved by: Brian Brennan, Deputy Commissioner, Contract and Indigenous Policing, RCMP – 613-843-4632

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