Arrest and Prosecution of Cameron Jay ORTIS

Classification: Unclassified

Branch/Agency: RCMP

Proposed Response:


The RCMP arrested Cameron Jay ORTIS on September 12, 2019 and charged him on September 13, 2019 with seven counts of criminal offences under the Security of Information Act (SOIA) and the Criminal Code. Three additional charges under SOIA were filed in January 2020. At the time of his arrest, ORTIS was the Director General of the RCMP’s National Intelligence, a position which gave him access to sensitive and highly-classified information.

Under the Criminal Code, Mr. ORTIS has been charged with breach of trust by a public officer and unauthorized use of a computer. Under the SOIA, Mr. ORTIS has been charged with unauthorized communication of special operational information and preparatory acts. Preparatory acts relate to preparations taken by a person to commit certain other offences under the SOIA, including offences pertaining to unlawful and unauthorized communications of safeguarded information to foreign entities or terrorist groups.

ORTIS is currently in custody following his bail revocation on November 8, 2019. No trial date has been set and a plea has not yet been entered.


Prepared by: Sean McGillis, Executive Director, Federal Policing Strategic Direction, RCMP, 613-843-5914

Approved by: Mike Duheme, Deputy Commissioner Federal Policing, RCMP, 613-843-4627

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