Summary of the Evaluation of the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP)

About the Program

What We Examined

The evaluation examined relevance and performance of the NDMP from 2015-16 to 2018-19.

What we found


In the spirit of continuous improvement and the potential for future disaster mitigation programming, the assistant deputy minister of the Emergency Management and Programs Branch should:

Administrative Improvements

  1. Consider taking measures to better align any future disaster mitigation program timelines and processes with the PTs, and to streamline administrative and reporting requirements to facilitate participation of all eligible recipients;
  2. Examine existing requirements for structural mitigation projects (stream 4), including exploring potential options relating to the time limit, to reflect the realities in planning and completing structural mitigation projects; and
  3. Further promote the use of the national risk and resilience tools and repository among relevant audiences.

Future Mitigation Programs:

  1. Explore policy options to support all-hazard mitigation efforts to reduce disaster risks and related recovery costs across Canada.

For more detailed findings, read the full Evaluation of the National Disaster Mitigation Program.

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