Summary of the 2016-2017 Evaluation of Canada's Cyber Security Strategy (CCSS)

Summary of the 2016-2017 Evaluation of Canada's Cyber Security Strategy (CCSS) PDF Version (83 KB)


What We Examined

Evaluation Findings





In collaboration with participating organizations, the Senior ADM of the National and Cyber Security Branch, Public Safety, should consider undertaking the following:

  1. Strengthen horizontal governance of cyber security in the Government of Canada by:
    1. re-assessing the governance structure to determine the need and demand for the current committee configuration and to improve participation;
    2. improving the provision of secretariat support, including coordination, information management and other administrative services;
    3. ensuring that governance committees have terms of references that clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations from members;
    4. ensuring that the oversight committees fulfill their roles and responsibilities as outlined in each oversight committee's terms of reference; and
    5. keeping meeting minutes on a consistent basis.
  2. Strengthen the Cyber Security related information–sharing practices by developing policies, procedures and tools to ensure timely and systematic exchange of information among partners and stakeholders.
  3. Strengthen the Strategy's performance measurement and data collection practices by:
    1. collecting relevant, reliable and outcome oriented performance information, including information on program expenditures, on a regular and consistent basis; and
    2. providing performance and expenditure information collected to the appropriate oversight committees on a regular basis to support effective monitoring and accountability.
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