Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy 2014-15

The Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) outlines the Government of Canada's commitment to improving the transparency of environmental decision-making by articulating its key strategic environmental goals and targets. The Government consulted the public in 2013-14 regarding the second three-year cycle of the FSDS (2013-16), which was finalized in 2013-14 and was presented as part of the year end performance reporting for 2013-14.

Public Safety Canada (PS) will be a contributor and a co-lead to Theme III – Protecting Nature and canadians and a contributor to Theme IV - Shrinking the Environmental Footprint – Beginning with Government, as denoted by the visual identifiers. It is the first time that PS is implicated in the Theme III targets.

These contributions are components of the Emergency Management Program and the Internal Services' activities of the Department. Please visit PS's website for additional details on the Department's activities to support sustainable development. For complete details on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, please see the website.

Canada's Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) outlines the Government of Canada's priorities for sustainable development, separated under 4 different themes. The FSDS brings together goals, targets, and implementation strategies developed through the regular course of decision-making throughout the Government of Canada. The FSDS 2010-13 continues to guide PS's sustainable development activities, but the FSDS 2013-16 was finalized in 2013-14; and the FSDS 2013-16 will form the basis for performance planning and reporting moving forward.

Departmental Sustainable Development Vision

PS exercises national leadership to ensure the safety and security of Canada and Canadians. The Department contributes to Canada's resiliency through the development and implementation of innovative policies and programs, as well as the effective engagement of domestic and international partners. PS is committed to managing its business in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible.

Departmental decision-making and sustainable development

Managing Sustainable Development

In accordance with the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA), PS integrates environmental, economic and social factors in the making of all decisions. In 2014-15, PS will continue to align sustainable development with its internal policies and operational processes, reinforcing a new way of thinking and acting to shape long-standing habits and procedures.

With the FSDS being updated in 2013-14, PS will review its Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy (DSDS) in the coming year and will engage and strengthen the dialogue among internal stakeholders; consult with the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy experts at Public Works and Government Services Canada; and share best practices with partners within the PS Portfolio.

Furthermore, PS will continue its proactive, coordinated communications approach, including with its regional offices, to ensure that internal communications are consistent with key federal government sustainable development messaging. Through a combination of existing communications channels, the Department will strive to increase staff awareness and encourage action on sustainable development initiatives. The Department will also encourage action on sustainable development initiatives by ensuring that green procurement is integrated into the corporate planning cycle and sustainable development goals are identified in branch business plans.

Information on Departmental Implementation Strategies

In the coming year, PS will contribute to two themes within the FSDS. As co-lead with Environment Canada, the Department will be responsible for a new target under Theme III- Protecting Nature and Canadians. Additional details on PS's contribution to Theme III will follow the approval of the 2013-16 FSDS, and review of PS's DSDS. Under Theme IV – Shrinking the Environmental Footprint, PS is planning to continue with the following activities in 2014-15:

Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-15

Greening Government Operations

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