Supplementary Data on Budget 2012 Implementation

Savings Measures by Program Activity
Program Activity $
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Achieving efficiencies while retaining the ability to respond to emerging and evolving threats; eliminating duplication and reducing spending by transferring the core oversight responsibilities from the Inspector General of CSIS to the Security Intelligence Review Committee.
0 392,250 784,500
Border Strategies
Achieving efficiencies by realigning functions within the Law Enforcement and Policing Branch; eliminating a position in London, UK.
68,400 68,400 583,318
Countering Crime
Reductions achieved by streamlining, consolidating and modernizing operations and processes.
1,538,200 4,675,456 6,883,750
Emergency Management
Reductions achieved by implementing internal efficiencies, including reducing travel; focussing on the core federal mandate by implementing new service delivery models.
888,909 9,399,263 12,835,770
Internal Services
Reductions achieved by reducing administrative overhead, including travel; modernizing services by leveraging new technologies; reducing printing; and streamlining services and processes in the Corporate Management Branch, Communications and Legal Services.
427,938 1,273,508 3,645,494
Grand Total 2,923,447 15,808,877 24,732,832
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