Horizontal Initiative: Beyond the Border Action Plan

2015-16 Planned Spending

Name of Horizontal Initiative: Beyond the Border Action Plan

Name of lead department: Public Safety Canada

Start date of the Horizontal Initiative: December 2011

End date of Horizontal Initiative: End date varies by sub-initiative

Description of the Horizontal Initiative

The 2015-16 fiscal year marks the fourth fiscal year of implementation of the Beyond the Border (BTB) Action Plan. On February 4, 2011, the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States issued Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. The Declaration initiated a new long-term partnership between the two countries to work together both at, and beyond, the border to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods and services. The BTB Action Plan, released in December 2011, embodies this collaboration and engagement between the two countries, and sets out specific initiatives to secure the Canada-U.S. border and perimeter while facilitating legitimate trade and travel.

The Action Plan sets out joint priorities for achieving a secure and efficient Canada-U.S. border within four areas of cooperation: Addressing Threats Early; Trade Facilitation, Economic Growth and Jobs; Cross-Border Law Enforcement; and, Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security. In total, 32 initiatives are listed under the four areas, with a number of federal departments and agencies working together, and with U.S. counterparts, to ensure their successful accomplishment. Two additional initiatives ensure the responsible sharing of information, as well as overseeing the successful implementation of the Action Plan. In Spring 2015, Canada and the U.S. announced a Forward Plan which seeks to complete key ongoing commitments and undertake a series of new and enhanced measures designed to build on existing work, to deepen our economic and security cooperation, and to further the overall goals of the BTB Declaration. This new work will be incorporated into future horizontal reporting.

Planned spending figures by BTB Action Plan theme are presented in the following table. Actual spending against these figures, as well as reports on the progress of BTB initiatives will be presented in Public Safety Canada's Departmental Performance Reports (DPRs) on behalf of participating departments and agencies.

Planned spending figures by BTB Action Plan theme
BTB Themes Department / Agency ($ units) Expected Results
BTB Ultimate Outcomes
New Funding Internal Reallocation Total Planned Spending
Theme 1 - Addressing Threats Early Canada Border Services Agency 45,742,025 0 45,742,025 Threats are stopped before they arrive either in Canada or the United States
Citizenship and Immigration Canada 49,439,973 0 49,439,973
Immigration Refugee Board of Canada 1,612,318 0 1,612,318
Public Safety Canada 0 289,087 289,087
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2,504,859 0 2,504,859
Shared Services Canada 653,205 0 653,205

Transport Canada

400,000 28,134,324 28,534,324 Footnote1
Theme 1 - Sub-total 100,352,380 28,423,411 128,775,791
Theme 2 - Trade Facilitation, Economic Growth and Jobs Canada Border Services Agency 57,604,160 0 57,604,160 Legitimate travel and cargo are stimulated and expedited
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2,040,000 0 2,040,000
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 950,000 0 950,000
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 300,000 7,444,209 7,744,209
Department of Fisheries and Oceans 350,000 0 350,000
Environment Canada 1,687,635 0 1,687,635
Federal Bridge Corporation Limited 18,250,000 0 18,250,000
Health Canada 1,480,000 0 1,480,000
Natural Resources Canada 960,000 0 960,000
Public Health Agency of Canada 1,006,560 0 1,006,560
Public Safety Canada 0 469,058 469,058

Transport Canada

8,081,377 797,163 8,878,540
Theme 2 - Sub-total 92,709,732 8,710,430 101,420,162  
Theme 3 - Cross-Border Law Enforcement Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 1,100,000 0 1,100,000 Criminals are prevented from leveraging the Canada-U.S. border to commit transnational crimes
Public Safety Canada 0 219,272 219,272
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 21,438,678 252,165 21,690,843
Theme 3 - Sub-total 22,538,678 471,437 23,010,115  
Theme 4 - Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Canada Border Services Agency 0 33,000 33,000 Canada and the United States are prepared for and can respond to threats and emergencies
Public Safety Canada 2,609,006 0 2,609,006
Theme 4 - Sub-total 2,609,006 33,000 2,642,006  
Managing our New Long-Term Partnership Public Safety Canada 0 410,380 410,380 BTB Governance and Oversight
Managing our New Long-Term Partnership - Sub-total 0 410,380 410,380
Total – Beyond the Border 218,209,796 38,048,658 256,258,454

Note: Amounts reported for 2015-16 planned spending do not capture resources required to implement the 2015 Forward Plan. This information will be reported in the 2015-16 Horizontal Initiative Report.

  1. 1

    Under Initiative 6 – Passenger Baggage Screening, $27,089,724 will be spent by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and $1,444,600 by Transport Canada in 2015-16 on deployment of the new Hold-Baggage Screening system at Canadian airports.

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