National Joint Committee of Senior Criminal Justice Officials
Annual Report 2011-2012

"Working Together for Safer Communities"

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Message from the Chair

I am pleased to present the National Joint Committee of Senior Criminal Justice Officials(NJC) with the annual report for 2011–2012. This report highlights the key activities and achievements of the NJC and its regional committees (Atlantic,Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, and Pacific regions).

Every year,the NJC aims to hold two national meetings, while the regional committee chairs plan nearly 30 in Canada's five regions. A number of topics are on the agenda,including organized crime, street gang management strategies, intimidation of justice officials, Aboriginal issues, high-risk offenders, child exploitation,victims' rights and the sex offender registry. The regional committees regularly invite representatives and their respective communities to take part in the discussions.

In the spring, we organize the national meeting in one of the five regions, while the fall meeting is generally held in Ottawa, which allows more representatives from Public Safety Canada to participate.

The first national meeting was held on May 5, 2011, at Sleeman Park, P.E.I., where we discussed a number of regional and national issues. We also discussed how to develop and encourage the partnership with the various justice officials. It was also an opportunity to tour the grounds of the police academy for the Atlantic region.

The second meeting was held in Toronto on March 1, 2012, as the victim symposium did not take place in Ottawa in 2011, as planned.

We have addressed the topic of victims with the Ontario-NJC. Several organizations gave high-quality presentations, highlighting the increased need for the partnership.

A great deal of work was done on our three-year strategic action plan to ensure that the NJC continues to play a decision-making role in the criminal justice system for years to come. Our current government, supported by legislation, implements its mandate, making the safety and security of the public a priority.

In future meetings, we will continue to maintain our objective of working in partnership with the victims. For this purpose, a national meeting will be held to discuss the issue.

The NJC is an effective and collaborative tool for a safe Canada! "Working together for safer communities"

In conclusion, I would like to thank Public Safety Canada for providing continuing financial support since 1973, in spite of a difficult period of economic and budgetary downturn.

Didier Deramond
National Joint Committee of
Senior Criminal Justice Officials

Background information

The National Joint Committee of Senior Criminal Justice Officials was established in 1973 under the joint auspices of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).

The original purpose of the Committee was to improve communication, understanding and cooperation among police and corrections officials. Its founding members were senior police officers representing the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, RCMP, and officials from the Parole Board of Canada. Later, the Committee expanded to include the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel (CACC) and representation from the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association.

NJC establishes and maintains efficient and effective mechanisms of communication and consultation between the RCMP, CSC, PBC, CACC, the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association, and other agencies which are part of the criminal justice system.

The NJC works in partnership with governments and all agencies and services in the provision of advice on any matter referred to the Committee by these governments, agencies and services.

Today, NJC is a unique coast-to-coast forum that brings together representatives from Public Safety Canada, the Department of Justice,CSC, provincial Crowns, police and the PBC. NJC is also the sole criminal justice forum in Canada that engages people who are active in the operational administration of criminal justice and represents governments, non-governmental organizations and other criminal justice players in discussions on the criminal justice system.

Highlights from national activities

Sharing Best Practices for a Safer Community
Summerside, PEI, May 5, 2011

The Atlantic region showcased a number of NJC activities that are taking place in the area to enhance community safety.

Members heard presentations from the Atlantic Police Academy, the Halifax Regional Police,New Brunswick Victim Services, the Parole Board of Canada, and Correctional Service Canada.

NJC Chairs meeting, Toronto, Ontario, March 1, 2012

The NJC chairs meeting was held in place of the planned Victim Symposium which was cancelled in early 2012.

NJC Chairs and Vice Chairs met to discuss issues such as a new budget plan, membership,the communications plan, and the upcoming NJC Chair/Vice Chair vote.

Due to a Government wide cap on certain types of expenditures, NJC Regional Chairs were asked to develop a three year plan outlining how Regional dollars will be spent in areas that do not primarily include travel or hospitality (e.g. printing, development of communications products, teleconference equipment, video equipment, and space for meetings).

Chairs were also asked to develop concrete NJC products for distribution and education. For example, contracts will be outsourced using NJC funds to develop research reports in areas that are identified as important to NJC organizations across the country.

Regional NJC Highlights

Atlantic Region
Chair: Christopher J. McNeil

I.   Introduction

The NJC Atlantic Region remains in transition and is currently exploring opportunities to expand the regional and provincial membership. In 2012 due other professional demands Chief Stephen N. McIntyre stepped down as Chair and Deputy Chief McNeil was appointed new Chair of the Atlantic Region.

II. Region Membership

Deputy Chief Christopher McNeil – (Chair) Halifax Regional Police – CACP

Chief Stephen N. McIntyre Rothesay Regional Police

Edgar A MacLeod - Executive Director, Atlantic Police Academy, Slemon Park, PEI

Brian Chase – Regional Director General, Atlantic Region Parole Board of Canada

Therese LeBlanc – Regional Deputy Commissioner, Correctional Services Canada

III. Overview of Activities 2011-2012/  Key Initiatives in the Region

A sub-committee comprised of the Chair, Regional Deputy Commissioner,Correctional Services and the Regional Director General, and Executive Director Of the APA will explore opportunities to expand the membership, and plan a regional educational workshop in late 2012. The purpose of the workshop will be highlight key initiatives of NJC partners to stimulate greater knowledge and interest in the Regional NCJ.

IV. Regional Budget

To date, only a very small amount of money was expended in the Atlantic Regional with respect to the Moncton January 2012, but efforts are efforts are under way to organize some regional educational workshops.

Submitted by: Christopher J. McNeil Chair

July 30, 2012

Quebec Region
Chair: Didier Deramond

I. Introduction

Again this year the Quebec Region National Joint Committee is well established in the region. This year also marked by the arrival of several new partners.

These partners are already very involved and their active participation has been noted.

We would like to point out that a few individuals have retired:

Also, Ms. Geneviève Thibeault (CSC)has agreed to take on new challenges, making it impossible for her to continue her work with us.

II.Quebec Region committee membership

Didier Deramond, Regional Chair,Montreal Police Service

François Bigras, Director, Régie de police Richelieu-St-Laurent

Sylvie Boileau, Associate Chief Federal Prosecutor, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Ronald Boudreault, Inspector, Sûretédu Québec

Michel Chaput, Chief Inspector, Montreal Police Service

Andrée Drapeau, Regional Manager, Parole Board of Canada

Brigitte R. Dubé, Director, Montreal Metropolitan District, Correctional Service of Canada

Solange Ferron, Quebec Parole Board

Yves Guimont, Director, Operations, Correctional Service of Canada

Sabin Ouellet, Chief Prosecutor, Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales

Guy Pilon, Director, Intelligence, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Élaine Raza, Director, Security, Correctional Service of Canada

Gratien Tremblay, Director, East/West District, Correctional Service of Canada

III.Overview of activities (2011–12)

Over the course of this year, we have held six meetings where the following subjects were addressed:

IV.Key initiatives in the Quebec Region

V. Regional budget

A total of $5,000 has been allocated to the Committee's operations. However, not all this money was spent, since the victims' symposium did not take place.

Submitted by:  Didier Deramond, Regional Chair
July 15, 2012

Ontario Region
Chair: Mike Federico

I. Introduction

In 2011, the Ontario Region continued to provide a forum where justice partners could address issues of mutual concern. In addition to its regular business meeting in April, its Zone 3 Committee held its annual conference November 8 exploring sexually deviant behaviour featuring the Russell Williams case. The High Risk Offender Sub-Committee continued to meet to examine ways help offenders successfully reintegrate into the community. In November it held one of its largest meetings with 42 participants from police, corrections, prosecutions, mental health agencies, and offender advocacy groups.

II. Ontario Regional Membership

Ruth Campbell: Chair,Office for Victims of Crime

Susan Crone: Det/Sgt.Behavioural Assessment Section Toronto Police Service and Chair of GTA High Risk Offender Committee

Brian Fazackerley: Staff Inspector, Durham Regional Police

Arnold Galet: Chair,Ontario Parole Board

Randolph Smith: Inspector, Toronto Police Services – Provincial ROPE

George McFarlane: Manager Probation and Parole, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Co-Chair of Zone 3 NJC-Ontario

David Pisapio: District Director Toronto Region, Correctional Service Canada

Denise Preston: Director, Ontario Region of the Parole Board of Canada

Bill Stahlbaum: Information Retrieval Unit Correctional Service Canada

Steve Tanner: Chief of Police, Kingston Police Service

Stephen Waldie: Director, External Relations, Public Safety Division, Ministry Community Safety Correctional Services

Executive Committee Membership List

Chair: Mike Federico, Deputy Chief, Toronto Police Service

1st Vice Chair: Barbara Bennett Administrative Crown, Downtown Toronto Office, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario

2nd Vice Chair: Maureen Armstrong, Chair, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

In 2011,Staff Inspector Brian Fazackerley retired from the Durham Region Police Service and the Ontario Region NJC after over 30 years of dedicated public service. We wish Brian well.

III. Overview of Activities 2011

In April, the Ontario Regional members were informed that Correctional Service Canada is developing a strategic approach to community release and supervision. Called the Community Corrections Strategy, one of its goals is to help the community learn about conditional release under the current legislation and public policy.

To help CSC realize its goal, NJC members were invited to provide their feedback directly to CSC. Secondly, it was agreed that the Committee can help inform the public and their own members about role of the criminal justice partners in the management of offenders and the principles and practices of offender management, specifically the gradual supervised return of offenders to the community. Members were encouraged to use the public and internal information forums at their disposal to help provide the accurate information the public needs.

The High Risk Offender Sub Committee (HROC) held its regular business meeting in November and featured discussions on the security of justice officials, the electronic monitoring of federal offenders on conditional release, and the development of Corrections Canada's Community Corrections Strategy. As well, on October 12-14, the HROC along with the Niagara Regional Police and the Ontario Provincial Police held a conference on managing sex offenders in the community refining inter-agency cooperation.

Finally, Zone 3 held its annual conference on November 8 where it explored the problem of sexually deviant behaviour. It featured Detective Randy Norton, Durham Regional Police who discussed social networking and sex crimes; Dr.Tania Stirpe – Psychologist, Correctional Service of Canada who explored the assessment and treatment of sexual and violent offenders; and Detective Sergeants Jim Smyth and Ed Chafe, OPP Behavioral Sciences and Analysis Services, who discussed the Russell Williams case.

IV. Key Initiatives in the Ontario Region

For 2012 the Ontario Region NJC will focus on developing greater cooperation between criminal justice partners by supporting its HROC and Zone 3 Conference.

In addition,it is helping to develop a victim focussed agenda for the national chairs meeting in November as a way to keep victim's issues in the forefront of the NJC's priorities.

V. Regional Budget

The Ontario Region expended its budget funds supporting the High Risk Offender subcommittee meetings and the Zone 3 conference along with holding its regular business meeting.

Submitted by:Mike Federico, Chair Ontario Region

July 24, 2012

Prairie Region
Chair: Clive Weighill

I. Introduction

The Prairie Region has been active over the past year. Thanks to the hard work of Jan Fox, we are making inroads in Alberta. As demonstrated by the membership below, the region is very well represented.

II. Prairie Region Membership

Regional Co-Chair – Clive Weighill, Saskatoon Police Service

Regional Co-Chair – Reach Edmonton

Regional Vice -Chair – Wayne Michaluk, CSC

Westman/Dauphin - Local

Scott Dickey (Chair) - Corrections Service of Canada-Parole

Dave Parker Brandon Correctional Centre

Keith Atkinson - Brandon Police Service

Brandon Courts/Sheriffs

Dana Nicholson - Canadian Forces Base-Shilo

Uwe Jansen - Dauphin Correctional Centre

Doug Palson - Dakota Ojibway Police Services

Tanis Brugger - Probations Services-Brandon

Glen Siegersma- RCMP - West District- Dauphin/Parklands

Winnipeg- Local

Staff Sgt. David Allison (Chair) – RCMP

Shauna Curtin (Vice Chair) – ADM Courts

Michelle Duncan (Secretary/Treasurer)– Superintendent Winnipeg Remand Centre

Ron Leslie – Executive Director – Adult Custody

Rick Stefaniuk – Canada Border Service

Rob Harding – Winnipeg Police Service

Mike Pollmann - Warden Rockwood Institution

Connie Johannson – Deputy Warden Rockwood Institution

Robert Bonnefoy - Warden Stony Mountain Institution

Lisa Waddell – Deputy Warden Stony Mountain Institution

Nancy Birt – A/District CSC Director

Greg Skelly – Superintendent Headingly

Staff Sergeant Rob Harding – Winnipeg Police Service

Jim Loewen – Correctional Service Canada - Winnipeg Rural

Ed Haluschak – Director of Sheriffs Service

Glen Lewis – Executive Director Public Safety & Strategic Initiatives Manitoba Justice

Karen Fulham – Courts

Michael Mahon – Director Special Prosecutions & Appeals

Debbie Baker – Executive Director Courts

Heather Armstrong (Administrative support)

Margo Lee – Superintendent Women's Correctional Centre

Prince Albert - Local

Dale McFee (Chair) – Prince Albert Police

Cindy Gee – Riverbend (Prince Albert)

Darren Fidler – Court Services (Prince Albert)

Mike Regnier – PAYR (Prince Albert Youth Residence)

Bob Wheadon – RCMP

Cam Scott – Public Prosecutions (Prince Albert)

Dwayne Mills – Community Training Residence (Prince Albert)

Eric Walberg – Pine Grove (Prince Albert)

Jarrett Parker – Young Offenders (Prince Albert)

Jay McInnis – RCMP

Paul Blain – Community Corrections and Adult Probation (Prince Albert)

Leslia Sorokan – North Central SK Parole Office (Saskatoon)

Wally Disiewich – Prince Albert Correctional Centre (Prince Albert)

Regina– Local

Tony Gerein (Chair) – Sask Prosecutions

Wayne Michaluk – Corrections Canada – Parole

Shelly Pelletier – Regina Police Service

Krystal Nameth – Sask Adult Probation

Rick Bereti – Sask Young Offenders Program

Peter Wake – Regina Correctional Centre

Keri Harmen – Sask Adult Corrections

Dale Delainey – CSC Oskana Centre

Saskatoon - Local

Clive Weighill (Chair) – Saskatoon Police Service

Darcey Davidson – RCMP

Eagan Day – CSC – Parole

Lesia Sorokan – CSC – Parole

Mark Chatterbok – Saskatoon Police Service

Shelley Hopper – Saskatoon Correctional Centre

Christine Haynes – Federal Prosecution Service

Sonja Hansen – Sask Prosecutions

Darcy Emann – Correctional Service Canada

Gary Perry – Sask Corrections - Youth

Edmonton Local

Jan Fox (Chair) – Reach Edmonton

Alberta South Local

Murray Stooke (Chair) – Calgary Police Service

Lorne Newman – vice chair – CSC

Todd Zelenski – CPS

Steve Barlow – CPS

Ken Marchant CPS

Dave Pelham –CSC

Tammi Cazal –Alberta Justice

Randy Elliot–Alberta Justice

Mike Hanley – CSC

Edward Vandal – Alberta Justice

Charlotte Macdonald – Young offenders

Michelle Van de Bogart – Parole Board

III. Overview of Activities 2011/2012

Meetings have been held in all the locals within the region. The Local Chairs are very committed and forward all their meeting minutes to the Regional Chair. Topics covered within the locals include; use of skype and video conferencing, serious violent offenders, "Free Men on the Land" movement, space problems within institutions,numbers within institutions growing due to housing persons with substance and psychological problems, and backlog within courts.

All local committees report very good relationships amongst criminal justice partners within their areas. Westerman/Dauphin held their annual workshop in September 2011, with over 80 attendees. They hold the workshop at their own expense with each agency assisting with funding. Winnipeg was forced to cancel their workshop due to flooding conditions, but plan to hold one in 2012/2013

The local committees in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert all held 3 meetings during the past year. Alberta is in the midst of forming local committees for the North and South of the province

IV. Prairie Region Key Initiatives

  1. Host the semi-annual NJC Meeting in Calgary, June 2012
    • Involvement from Police, Corrections, Parole, Prosecutions
  2. Building a strong local representation in Alberta
  3. Held a Prairie Region Chairs meeting in Yellowknife – September 2011
  4. Westman Justice Committee (Brandon) – held 22rd annual workshop with a focus on "Youth/Home grown Radicalism", and "Human Trafficking" - 80 participants.

V. Prairie Region Budget

The Prairie Region was allocated $9,000 in the 2011/2012 fiscal year. From that we plan to allocate in the following manner;

Submitted by: Clive Weighill, Prairie Region Co-Chair

July 26, 2012

Pacific Region
Chair(s): Cari Turi & Janice Armstrong

V. Introduction

In 2011-2012, The Pacific Region National Joint Committee continued to grow and expand on past year successes. There continues to be an outstanding commitment from the criminal justice partners which is exemplified by the leadership of the executive committee and the significant engagement of the zone teams. A special thanks to all Executive Members for their leadership and commitment to strong partnerships. Also a special thanks to the Zone Reps and Members for their involvement with NJC and coordination and participation of the 4 workshops held this year! Commitment and communication will continue to be key in the region's success and as time becomes the challenge we must make more of an effort to sustain these important partnerships in our efforts to contribute to Public Safety. On a final note, we wish our long standing NJC Executive Member, Dave Keating, a healthy and happy retirement after 27 plus year with Correctional Service of Canada and 12 years with NJC!

VI. Pacific Region Membership

Regional Chairs – Cari Turi, CSC and Janice Armstrong, RCMP

Vice Chair – Dave Keating– Correctional Service of Canada

Past Regional Chair – Doug LePard – Vancouver Police Department

Randy Beck – RCMP

Mike Cumberworth –Vancouver Police Department

David Jardine – Crown Counsel

Harold Massey – Parole Board of Canada

Rick Lucy – Abbotsford Police Department

David Vallance –BC Corrections

Teal Maedel – CSC

VII. Overview of Activities 2011/2012

4 Workshops held in the 2011 fiscal year:

Prolific Offender/Crime Reduction workshop - October 20th, 2011 - Vancouver Island Zone.

The 32nd Annual NJC Workshop - February 14th, 2012 - Lower Mainland Zone.

Location was at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster. Nearly 200 Police, Parole, Crown, Probation Officers and CRF operators were present. There were 3 main speakers at this event:

NJC Pacific Region Workshop - March 26, 2012 - Interior Zone.

The Workshop topic was Mental Health and Offenders in the criminal justice field.

NJC Pacific Region- Workshop, Vancouver Island Zone – May 6th, 2012

Other activities include:

2012 Achievement Plan

VIII. Key Initiatives in the Pacific Region

The executive committee has established three key objectives for next 2 years:

Objective #1

Strengthen NJC participation across BC and the Yukon to be inclusive of all participating agencies throughout the geographical zones in the region by:

Objective #2

Conduct communication initiatives to promote the role of NJC Pacific Region and to facilitate cooperation among the components of the criminal justice system by:

Objective #3

Identify common themes for Pacific Region NJC and focus workshops and training in these key themes. Following a consultation process it was identified that common themes amongst the criminal justice partners in Pacific Region include:

It was also recognized that a key focus will be on the "Integration of Information Sharing and Intelligence" for all criminal justice workers to share and access information.

IX. Regional Budget:

The Pacific Region spent the received budget of $9000.

Submitted by: Regional Chairs, Pacific Region - Cari Turi and Janice Armstrong

May 30, 2012

National joint committee Strategic Plan


Contribute to the establishment of effective partnerships to improve the administration of criminal justice in Canada


Action Plan

Objective #1

Maintain an efficient and effective mechanism of information sharing and communication among criminal justice system partners

Objective #2

Enhance consultations and the advisory role of the Committee within federal, provincial and territorial governments on issues pertaining to the various criminal justice services

Objective #3

Enhance relationships among member organizations and the Criminal Justice community, to establish lasting ties for improved coordination and consultation.


focus on combining certain issues of mutual concern

National joint committee membership


Didier Deramond
Assistant Director
Specialized Investigations Service
Montreal Police Service


Michael Federico
Deputy Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service

National Coordinator – NJC

David Arulpooranam
Program and Policy Coordinator
Corrections and Criminal Justice Directorate
Public Safety Canada

Regional Chairs


Cari Turi ( Co-Chair)
Associate District Director
Community Corrections, Pacific Region
Correctional Service Canada

Janice Armstrong (Co-Chair)
Operations Officer & Assistant District Commander


Clive Weighill (Chair)
Saskatoon Police Service

Wayne Michaluk (Vice chair)
Area Director
South Saskatchewan Parole
Correctional Service Canada


Michael Federico
Deputy Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service


Didier Deramond
Chief inspector
Specialized Investigations Service
Montreal Police Service


Chris McNeil
Halifax Regional Police

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Clive Weighill
Saskatoon Police Service

Michael Federico
Deputy Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service

Chris McNeil
Halifax Regional Police

Stephen N. McIntyre
Rothesay Regional Police Force

Ronald Boudreault
Chef du Service des renseignements criminels

First Nations Chiefs of Police Association

Stan Grier
President of the FNCPA
Tsuu T'ina Nation Police Service

Correctional Service of Canada

Cari Turi
Associate District Director
Community Corrections, Pacific Region
Correctional Service Canada

Dave Keating
Area Director
Vancouver Island Community Corrections
Correctional Service Canada

Wayne Michaluk
Area Director
South Saskatchewan Parole
Correctional Service Canada

Michel Laprade
Legal Services Unit
Correctional Service Canada

Teal Maedel
Vancouver Community Corrections
Correctional Service Canada

Chris Price
Assistant Commissioner,Correctional Operations and Programs
Correctional Service Canada

Carmen Long
A/Director General,Community Reintegration
Correctional Service Canada

Julie Keravel
A/Director General Security
Correctional Service Canada

Pierre Sangollo
Director Intelligence and Preventive Security
Correctional Service Canada

Parole board of canada

Michelle Van De Bogart
Regional Director General
Parole Board of Canada
Prairie Region

Richard Clair
Executive Director General
Parole Board of Canada
Board Member Secretariat

Talal Dakalbab
Parole Board of Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Janice Armstrong
Operations Officer & Assistant District Commander
RCMP,Lower Mainland District Office

Doug Lang
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP
Contract and Aboriginal Policing

Department of justice

William (Bill) Bartlett
Senior Counsel
Criminal Law Policy Section
Department of JusticeCanada

Pamela Arnott
Director and Senior Counsel
Policy Centre for Victims Issues
Department of JusticeCanada

Canadian Association of Crown Counsel

Rick Woodburn
Public Prosecution Service

James R. Chaffe
Public Prosecution Service

Steve Fudge
Crown Counsel
Ministry of Attorney General

Samiran P. Lakshman
Crown Counsel
Special Prosecutions

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics

Rebecca Kong
Chief, Policing Services Program
Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Statistics Canada

Public Safety Canada

Mary Campbell
Director General
Corrections and Criminal Justice Directorate
Public Safety Canada


Jan Fox
Community Outreach
Edmonton Reach, Alberta

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