Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audits Completed in 2015–16

Title of Internal Audit

Internal Audit Type

Completion Date

Audit of Values and Ethics

Governance, Control Environment, Human Resources

June 2015

Audit of Management Control Framework over Personal Information

Controls over Information Management

September 2015

Audit of Performance Measurement

Controls over Performance Measurement and Monitoring

March 2016

Evaluations in Progress or Completed in 2015–16
Title of evaluation Status Deputy head approval date Link to the organization’s program(s)

Horizontal Evaluation of the National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet (OPIs: CSCCB, OGDs)


May 2015 (RBAEP) Serious and Organized Crime

Evaluation of the First Nations Policing Program


March 2016 Aboriginal Policing

Evaluation of the Workers Compensation Program


March 2016

1.4.3 Emergency Response

Horizontal Evaluation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Division 9/National Security Inadmissibility Initiative

In progress

May 2016

1.1.1 National Security Leadership

Evaluation of the Kanishka Project Research Initiative

In Progress

June 2016

1.1.1 National Security Leadership

Evaluation of Grants Program to National Voluntary Organizations

In Progress

October 2016

1.3.3 Corrections

Evaluation of the Policy Development Contribution Program

In Progress

October 2016

1.1 National Security, 1.3 Countering Crime, 1.4 Emergency Management

Horizontal Evaluation of the Cyber Security Strategy

In Progress

March 2017

1.1.3 Cyber Security

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