User Fees, Regulatory Charges and External Fees

Reporting on the User Fees Act

General and Financial Information by Fee

General Information
Fee name

Fees charged for the processing of requests submitted pursuant to the Access to Information Act

Fee type

Other Products and Services

Fee-setting authority

Access to Information Act

Year introduced


Year last amended


Performance standard

The Department strives to respond to 90% of requests within the legislated timeframes established by the Access to Information Act.

Performance results

The Department responded to 99% of requests made under the Access to Information Act within the legislated timeframes.

Other information

On March 31, 2015, the Federal Court of Canada issued its judgment and reasons in Information Commissioner v Attorney General of Canada ( The Federal Court ruled that electronic records (i.e. Word documents, emails, etc.) are computerized records, and as such, search and preparation fees cannot be charged for the processing of those records.


Financial Information, 2014–15 (dollars)
Forecast revenue

Actual revenue

Full cost





Financial Information, 2015–16, 2016–17 and 2017–18 (dollars)
Planning year

Forecast revenue

Estimated full cost










Reporting on the Policy on Service Standards for External Fees

General Information by Fee

General Information
Fee name

Search and Reproduction Fees

Service standard

Fees  are processed within 30 calendar days

Performance results

Service standards were met 99% of the time

Stakeholder consultation in 2014–15 or prior fiscal years

The Treasury Board Secretariat’s, Information and Privacy Policy Division (IPPD) coordinates quarterly ATIP Community meetings throughout the year. These meetings allow officials in the ATIP community to consult one another on issues such as fees.

Other information

The next ATIP Community meeting is to be held in September 2015.

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