Banyan Community Services SNAP™ Under 12 Outreach Project

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The Banyan Community Services SNAP™ Under-12 Outreach Project (BCS SNAP™ ORP) is an ongoing program that started in 2003 in Hamilton, Ontario. It is aimed at reducing offending behaviour and increasing social competence in boys aged 6 to 12 years. The project focuses on boys who have already committed offences and who are at risk of re-offending.

The BCS SNAP™ ORP was the first full replication of the Child Development Institute's very successful Under 12 Outreach Project. It employs the Institute's trademarked therapy-based approach, known as SNAP™. This approach teaches boys self-control skills in a group setting. The same SNAP™ group approach is also used to teach child management techniques to the boys' parents.

In addition to the SNAP™ group sessions, there are several program activities that families can access such as individual befriending, academic tutoring, clinical services, sibling groups, parent befriending, school advocacy and school support.

Project assessment

The project evaluation consisted of a process and outcome evaluation and a cost analysis. The aim of assessment was to determine if the project SNAP™ prevents and reduces boys' antisocial behaviours and adequately supports families.

Data was collected from boys and their families, community partners, teachers and from the Project's staff. A variety of methods were used to collect information, including questionnaires, interviews, police and court records and BCS SNAP™ ORP documentation.

Outcome measures included standardized tests administered to parents and teachers pre- and post- group, with the longest follow-up occurring 36 months from the beginning of the group. The comparison group was constituted from families on the waiting list.

Evaluation findings reported on 299 boys enrolled in the program, and a comparison group of 116 boys not enrolled in the program. However, the sample size varied depending on the phases of the project.

Key findings

The process evaluation revealed that:

The outcome evaluation revealed that:

Lessons learned

Lessons learned included:


The evaluation findings suggest that participation in the SNAP™ Under 12 Outreach Program for 6-11 year old boys resulted in better self-control and problem solving skills. Parents were also found to be better equipped to effectively monitor and guide their child's behaviour.

The SNAP™ Under 12 Outreach Program of the Banyan Community Services of Hamilton provides a sound basis for early intervention and prevention programming for children under the age of 12 who have either come into contact with the police or who are engaging in anti-social behaviours.

For more information or to receive a copy of the final evaluation report please contact the National Crime Prevention Centre at 1-800-830-3118.

It is also possible to visit the Child Development Institute web site at:

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