Summary of the Evaluation of Public Safety Canada’s Roles in Support of DNA Analysis

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Figure 1 – Number of DNA Profiles Contained in the National DNA Databank (p. 16 of the report; p. 1 of the Evaluation Summary)
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The graph represents the number of DNA profiles contained in NDDB by year from 2013-14 to 2017-18. These numbers are further broken down to show the number of profiles housed within the Crime Scene Index (CSI) and Convicted Offender Index (COI) of the NDDB for the period under review. The total number of profiles has increased consistently each year for both indices. Overall, the total number of DNA profiles contained in the National DNA Databank has increased from 382,906 in 2013-14 to 509,528 in 2017-18.


The Assistant Deputy Minister of the Community Safety and Countering Crime Branch should:

  1. Clarify and formally communicate the role of Public Safety with respect to policy in support of DNA analysis.
  2. In consultation with FPT stakeholders, clarify the role of the DNA Working Group and ensure the DNA Working Group fulfills its objectives, as stated in its Terms of Reference.
  3. Work with Public Safety’s Grants and Contributions Centre of Expertise to implement sound and timely processes/practices for the administration of the Biology Casework Analysis Contribution Program (BCACP), including reporting requirements that are proportionate to the current risk profile, and documenting key decisions.
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