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Moral Issues in Intelligence-led Policing / edited by Nicholas R. Fyfe, Helene O.I. Gundhus and Kira Vrist Rønn. e-Books 2018 PS
National Cross Sector Forum 2018-2020 Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
National Cyber Security Strategy : Canada's Vision for Security and Prosperity in the Digital Age / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
National Prevalence of Mental Disorders Among Federally Sentenced Women Offenders : In Custody Sample / Gregory P. Brown, Jane Barker, Kindra McMillan, Rachel Norman, Dena Derkzen, & Lynn A. Stewart.. e-Archives 2018 PS
National Strategy on Countering Radicalization to Violence. e-Archives 2018 PS
Natural Disasters and Risk Management in Canada : An Introduction / Nirupama Agrawal. Books & Reports 2018 PS
New approaches to digital evidence acquisition and analysis / Martin Novak, Jonathan Grier and Daniel Ganzalez. e-Books 2018 CPRC
New Frontiers in Offender Treatment : The Translation of Evidence-Based Practices to Correctional Settings / Elizabeth L. Jeglic, Cynthia Calkins editors. e-Books 2018 PS
Occasions manquées : L’expérience des jeunes adultes incarcérés dans les pénitenciers fédéraux. e-Archives 2018 PS
Offender Perspectives on Electronic Monitoring / Prepared by Laura Hanby & Laurentiu Cociu. e-Archives 2018 PS
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