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L'institution policière et la notion d'égale protection du citoyen / par Frédéric Belzile. e-Books 2018 CPRC
The international conferences on law enforcement and public health, a focus for community safety and well-being : global potential unleashed as LEPH goes annual to North America and Europe / John Nicholas Crofts, Norman E. Taylor. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Inter-rater Reliability and Concurrent Validity of the Mental Health Need Scale / Lynn A. Stewart, Kayla Wanamaker, Geoff Wilton & Gurjit Toor. e-Archives 2018 PS
Interrupting "near repeat" burglary patterns : rapid identification and interaction with at-risk residents after a burglary : research brief (summary report) / Elizabeth Groff, Travis Taniguchi, Karen L. Amendola. e-Books 2018 CPRC
It takes a village : integrating firehouse hubs to encourage cooperation among police, fire, and the public / by Greta J. Hurt. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Laser Audit of IT Asset Management / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
The law and psychology of suspicion and police decision-making / by Amanda K. Charbonneau. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Leading with Dignity : How to Create a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People / Donna Hicks. e-Books 2018 PS
les. cyberattaques : Elles devraient vous empêcher de fermer l'oeil / L'honorable Doug Black, c.r., président ; L'honorable Carolyn Stewart Olsen, vice-présidente. e-Archives 2018 PS
Lien entre l’âge et la récidive / Préparé par Lynn Stewart et Geoff Wilton. e-Archives 2018 PS
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