Buying Cannabis Online


Since the pandemic, online shopping has continued to soar. It’s convenient to be able to order almost anything to your home, even cannabis.

Even though cannabis is regulated in Canada, it doesn’t mean that all cannabis is legal. Here are a few important things to know when purchasing it online.

First, authorized online retailers follow strict rules set by the federal government to ensure that purchases are within the highest health and safety standards for production and delivery.

If you’re not sure if a source is legal, visit the website for a full list.

Now, let’s check: Did you confirm you are of legal age before getting access? Remember that cannabis is not safe for children, youth, and pets.

That is why authorized retailers won’t feature products with appealing packaging that isn’t child resistant.

Also, just like a passport or banknotes, legal cannabis includes security features. Look for the mandatory health warning messages, along with the excise stamp.

The stamp has a standardized maple leaf symbol and is coloured differently for each province and territory. Be sure to check where the company ships to.

If the website states that products can be shipped anywhere in Canada, it’s not a legal source.
Upon checking out, if the website requests payments to be made by e-transfer or cryptocurrency, do not proceed. And never trust websites with generic emails.

Risking identity theft and financial fraud is never worth it.

By making sure that you are buying legal cannabis, you are protecting your health, your personal information, and your community.

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