Consulting Canadians on the merits of a Foreign Influence Transparency Registry

Consultation closed May 9, 2023.

Foreign governments have legal, established, and legitimate channels of engagement with the Government of Canada. However, some foreign governments cross the line from standard diplomacy and lobbying into foreign interference when they seek to exert influence in non-transparent ways. These activities can have serious implications for Canadian interests, national security and democratic processes and institutions.

While Canada has a number of existing tools to support transparency, new measures could be considered, such as a foreign influence transparency registry, which would better align Canada's approach with those of like-minded partners and allies, bolstering overall collective resilience.

The Government of Canada is engaging a diverse range of stakeholders and the public on a foreign influence transparency registry. A registry will not only expand Canada's toolkit to confront the evolving threat of foreign interference, but also increase broader transparency around foreign influence in Canada. Key areas of the consultation include:

How You Can Participate

The online consultation closed May 9, 2023.

You can still review our Consultation Paper that explores measures to enhance foreign influence transparency in Canada. If you have any questions regarding the consultation please contact:

How your information will be used

Input received will be compiled and analyzed to identify key themes, ideas and suggestions to help inform and guide the development of new measures, such as a foreign influence transparency registry. Results may also be used to inform policy and may be shared within the Government of Canada.

All information under the control of Public Safety Canada is subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Act. You have the right to the protection of, access to and correction of your personal information. Instructions for obtaining this information is outlined on the Public Safety Canada Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) website. Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints you may have regarding Public Safety's handling of your personal information may be directed to our Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator by emailing If you are not satisfied with Public Safety's response to your privacy concern, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the institution's handling of your personal information.

Survey Questions

  1. What types of organizations or entities should be included in the definition of “foreign principal”?

  2. What types of activities and/or arrangements should be registrable?

  3. What activities (if any) should be exempt from registration obligations?

  4. What kinds of information should registrants be required to disclose regarding their activities and to what extent should this information be made public?

  5. What penalties, if any, are required to enforce compliance?

  6. Do you have other views you wish to provide in relation to this consultation?
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