Authorization regime and humanitarian exception for activities in terrorist group controlled areas - Section 83.03 Criminal Code

In June 2023, Bill C-41 amended the terrorist financing provisions in section 83.03 of the Criminal Code to include both an exception for humanitarian assistance activities and an Authorization Regime to facilitate the delivery of other needed activities on territory controlled by a terrorist organization, where this would incur an incidental but unavoidable benefit to a terrorist group.

On application under the new Regime, the Public Safety Minister may authorize an eligible person to carry out, in a specified geographic area controlled by a terrorist group, a specified activity that would otherwise be prohibited under the Criminal Code.

The following sections outline the details of the Authorization Regime, provide an overview of the humanitarian exception, explain what it means for a geographic area to be controlled by a terrorist group, and who is eligible to apply for an authorization. Information on the application and assessment process, as well as the requirements of authorization holders and other supporting information, is also available.

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