Wraparound Edmonton (WrapED)

Program snapshot

Age group: Adolescence (12-17)

Gender: Mixed (male and female)

Population served: Gang-involved (and/or at risk)

Topic: Aggressive/violent behaviours; Gang and/or related criminal activities

Setting: Urban area; Community-based setting

Location: Alberta

Number of completed Canadian outcome evaluation studies: 1

Continuum of intervention: Secondary crime prevention

Brief Description

Wraparound Edmonton (WrapED), which is based on the Wraparound approach,Footnote1 is designed to help young people affected by violent crime move away from the threat of gangs and learn to thrive in their community.

The program is centered on community mobilization; conflict resolution; counselling and social work; leadership and youth development; skills training; parent training; and social emotional learning.


The main goals of WrapED are to:

  • Reduce gang-related crime and violence; and
  • Strengthen ongoing efforts to develop an integrated, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to gang suppression.


The appropriate clientele for WrapED are youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years old who are most at risk of involvement with guns and/or gangs. Participants are referred to WrapED by police services, child and family services, schools, and other community-based organizations.

To participate in the program, youth must reside in Edmonton.

Core Components

WrapED consists of:

  • Engagement: WrapED staff focus on relationship building and identifying potential supports, strengths, and needs of the participant, including goals and culture;
  • Team-based planning process: WrapED staff review the strengths/needs of the participants and develop an action plan. From there, WrapED connects participants to potential supports;
  • Implementation of the Wraparound plan: WrapED staff acquire feedback from participants and track their success and engage in problem solving as needed; and
  • Transition out of Wraparound: WrapED staff summarize progress for future planning and anticipate developmental and life needs (as well as crisis and safety concerns) that require planning.

Implementation Information

Some of the critical elements for the implementation of this program or initiative include the following:

  • Organizational requirements: The lead organization must have solid skills in outreach, intake and assessment, case planning, and program delivery.
  • Partnerships: The success of WrapEd depends on its partnerships with YOUCAN Edmonton, the Native Counselling Services of Alberta, the Edmonton Police Service, Alberta Health Services, the Edmonton John Howard Society, the African Centre, the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Catholic and Public School boards, and other community-based organizations.
  • Training and technical assistance: Staff must be trained in the Wraparound approach and on how to correctly engage in risk assessment.
  • Risk assessment tools: Limited information on this topic.
  • Materials & resources: Limited information on this topic.

International Endorsements

The most recognized classification systems of evidence-based crime prevention programs have classified this program or initiative as follows:

  • Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development: Not applicable.
  • Crime Solutions/OJJDP Model Program Guide: Not applicable.
  • SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices: Not applicable.
  • Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy: Not applicable.

Gathering Canadian Knowledge

Canadian Implementation Sites

Public Safety Canada’s National Crime Prevention Strategy provided funding to implement WrapEd in Edmonton (Alberta) between 2013 and 2019. WrapEd is being implemented by REACH Edmonton.

Main Findings from Canadian Outcome Evaluation Studies

As part of Public Safety Canada’s funding, an outcome evaluation study of Wraparound Edmonton was completed in 2018 by Quest Consulting, Ltd.  A repeated measures design that incorporated mixed methods and data sources was used to evaluate Wraparound Edmonton.

Results from this evaluation showed the following:

  • Among those who completed WrapED, fewer youth self-reported engaging in threats, property damage, and vandalism within the last six months of the program completion compared to the same time frame before intake assessment. However, due to the fact that survey results relied on self-reported data, results should be considered with caution.
  • Fewer youth reported associating with negative peers or known gang members or engaging in criminal behaviours at the end of WrapED than at program start.
  • Using monthly tracking data for school attendance and interviews, Youth Facilitators confirmed that half the youth showed a positive education-related change between the start and end of the program. Youth Facilitators also said that positive changes in school participation were usually linked with, and perhaps were a catalyst for, other positive changes such as better relationships with adults, disconnection from negative peers, decreased criminal activity, and/or part-time employment.
  • Front line staff generally viewed WrapED as a strong contributor to positive changes in perceived community and social supports, youth’s sense of hopefulness, valuing culture and heritage, school attendance, and employment. As well, participation in WrapED was associated with decreased substance use and criminal behaviours.

Cost Information

Between October 2013 and September 2018, the total costs for the program was $5,764,903 and the total average cost per participant was $31,502.20, based on the 183 participants enrolled in the program over the course of its implementation.


WellQuest Consulting, Ltd. 2018). Final Evaluation Report – WrapEd (Wraparound Edmonton) Program. Final Evaluation Report. Submitted to Public Safety Canada (Unpublished report).

Butler Solutions Inc. (2018).  Social Return on Investment. Final Evaluation Report. Submitted to Public Safety Canada (Unpublished report).

For more information on this program, contact:

REACH Edmonton, Council for Safe Communities

Suite 901 Baker Centre

10025 – 106th Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1G4

Telephone: (780) 498-1231

E-mail: info@reachedmonton.ca

Website: http://www.reachedmonton.ca

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Record Updated On - 2020-03-12
  1. 1

    For more information on Wraparound, refer to the program descriptive sheet.

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