Online engagement on Reducing violent crime: A dialogue on handguns and assault weapons

Keeping communities safe and reducing violent crime is a priority for the Government of Canada. This is why, in his Mandate letter, the Prime Minister has asked the Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, to lead an examination of a ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians. The Government of Canada would like to hear your views. This will provide an excellent opportunity to identify gaps, challenges, and ideas to help inform future measures aimed at reducing violent crimes in Canada.

Please consult the background document, Reducing violent crime: A dialogue on handguns and assault weapons - Engagement Paper, and complete the questions below.

The questionnaire is open until November 10, 2018.

The US Department of Justice has used the following description: “in general, assault weapons are semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition that were designed and configured for rapid fire.” Footnote1

In order to allow for more detailed analyses of Canadians' responses, we are interested in your background. Answering the following questions is optional.


  1. 1

    US Department of Justice, Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act (known as the Federal Assault Weapon Ban), enacted in 1994 and expired in 2004.

Providing feedback

For more information on other ways to provide feedback please visit the Reducing violent crime: A dialogue on handguns and assault weapons webpage.

Please note that participation in this consultation – in whole or in part – is voluntary. Acceptance or refusal to participate will in no way affect any relationship with the Government of Canada or with any of its organizations. The information provided during this engagement initiative can be subject to access to information and privacy requests and will be administered in accordance with the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

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