Young Women in Public Safety Program

Shaping the Future of Public Safety and Security

Image of young woman border officer

Women occupy less than a quarter of front line law enforcement positions.

Jobs in the fields of public safety and security are diverse and go far beyond front-line, uniform-wearing, operational positions. They include exciting and engaging jobs in fields such as intelligence analysis, policy development, science and technology. While there's a clear need to increase the number of young women in these important jobs, knowledge and awareness of the positions is often limited by the lack of access to information about them.

Because of this disparity, Public Safety, in collaboration with other government agencies, launched the Young Women in Public Safety Program in July 2017.

The program targets high school female students and is aimed at building awareness of the range of careers available in the public safety and security fields. The goal is to provide female high school students with the opportunity to meet women who occupy various positions in Public Safety institutions and who are effective and influential leaders.

The Public Safety and Security Fields

There's no question: women are outnumbered in the fields of public safety and security. While women make up around 50% of employees in many areas, such as policy, intelligence and corrections, they occupy less than a quarter of front line law enforcement positions.

Young women choosing their career paths often have limited first-hand exposure to other successful women working, excelling, and leading in these important fields. Early exposure to opportunities in these domains will help young women to be more aware of the important and rewarding careers in public safety and security.

Encouraging Future Generations of Women

Participating students stated that the program left them feeling more knowledgeable and informed about roles in these fields. Many indicated that they would be applying to post-secondary programs related to the fields of public safety and security.

The success of this program benefits the Government of Canada as much as it benefits the young women who participate. By supporting initiatives like this, we create opportunities and encourage future generations of young women to enter these fields.

The Young Women in Public Safety Program helps to build a diverse workforce. Not only does it create positive impacts for the lives of young women who participate, it also helps to shape the future of public safety and security in Canada.

Visit the websites of the participating departments and agencies to learn more about their recruitment opportunities:

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