Feedback under section 26.1 of the Preclearance Act, 2016

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In accordance with section 26.1 of the Preclearance Act, 2016, this mechanism allows travellers to submit information about certain preclearance-related searches or interactions with U.S. preclearance officers. If the description of events does not in whole or in part fall into one of these specific categories, all information provided will be deleted or disposed of upon receipt.

Information submitted must be provided in writing and should be limited to a description of a situation outlined above. Information received that does not directly describe the event(s) in question (e.g. photographs, medical records, etc.) will be deleted or disposed of upon receipt.

Travellers seeking further action with respect to a particular matter involving a U.S. preclearance officer or Canadian border services officer are advised to consult the mechanisms established by the Canada Border Services Agency or the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency for this purpose.

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