Biometrics in Immigration

Starting in 2013, travellers, students and workers from certain visa-required countries and territories will be required to provide their fingerprints and have their photo taken before they arrive in Canada. When a visa holder arrives at a Canadian port of entry, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will use this information to verify that the visa holder is the person to whom the visa was issued and to determine if they are admissible to Canada.

Using biometrics will strengthen the integrity of Canada's immigration program by helping prevent known criminals, failed refugee claimants, and those deported in the past from using a different identity to obtain a visa. Biometrics will also make legitimate travel easier by readily confirming identity.

Privacy protection is a primary concern for the Government of Canada. Personal information of applicants will be used, retained, shared and disposed of according to Canada's privacy legislation. For further information on the use of biometrics in Canada's immigration programs, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

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