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Title Resource Year Location
Making schools safe for students / by Blair Ames. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Opening the Government of Canada : The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age / Amanda Clarke. e-Books 2019 PS
The Use of Technology in the Delivery of Correctional Intervention Programs : A Rapid Review / Kaitlyn Wardrop & Chelsea Sheahan. e-Archives 2019 PS
Laser Audit of IT Asset Management / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
Big Data, Surveillance and Crisis Management / Kees Boersma. e-Books 2017 PS
Community policing & unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) : guidelines to enhance community trust / Maria Valdovinos, James Specht, Jennifer Zeunik. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies that are Transforming Government / William D. Eggers. e-Books 2016 PS
The perpetual line-up : unregulated police face recognition in America / Clare Garvie, Alvaro M. Bedoya, Jonathan Frankle. e-Books 2016 CPRC
An assessment of surrey RCMP's use of automatic license plate recognition technology / Amanda V. McCormick, Garth Davies and Irwin M. Cohen. e-Books 2015 CPRC
High priority information technology needs for law enforcement / John S. Hollywood, John E. Boon, Jr., Richard Silberglitt, Brian G. Chow, Brian A. Jackson. e-Books 2015 CPRC
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