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My work should not cost me my life : the case against criminalizing the purchase of sex in Canada / authors: Sex Workers United Against Violence, Sarah Allan, Darcie Bennett, Jill Chettiar, Grace Jackson, Andrea Krüsi, Katrina Pacey, Kerry Porth, Mae Price, Kate Shannon and Chrissy Taylornaud. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Victims, criminals or workers? : contested identities of women in the indoor sex trade / by Menaka Raguparan. e-Books 2010 CPRC
Points of view on prostitution : what should Canada do about it? : interviews with Gunilla Ekberg and with John Lowman / by Marcel-Eugène LeBeuf. e-Books 2007 CPRC
Beyond criminalization : sex work, human rights and a new framework for law reform : full report / authors: Mary Childs [and fourteen others] ; editors: Naomi Brunemeyer, Karen Mirsky, Sean Rossiter. e-Books 2006 CPRC
Control or regulation of prostitution in Canada : implications for the police / by Marcel-Eugène LeBeuf. e-Books 2006 CPRC
Voices for dignity : a call to end the harms caused by Canada's sex trade laws / authors Shari Allinott [and sixteen others]. e-Books 2004 CPRC
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