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The impact of shift length in policing on performance, health, quality of life, sleep, flatigue, and extra-duty employment : executive summary / by Karen L. Amendola, David Weisburd, Edwin E. Hamilton, Greg Jones, Meghan G. Slipka. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Interview guide for Chief of Police. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Interview guide for Chief Superintendent. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Interview guide for Deputy Chief. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Investigative Skills Education Program (ISEP) : case study on competency based learning / Carol Glasgow. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Leadership development in police services : managing the development of essential leadership competencies. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Mentoring and coaching in police services : supporting leadership development. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Police discipline : a case for change / Darrel W. Stephens. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Police executive selection : a best practice approach for police boards and commissions. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Reference check guide for chief of police. e-Books 2011 CPRC
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