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Autonomous police vehicles : the impact on law enforcement / by Andrew Gregg. e-Books 2019 CPRC
A comparison of sexual-minority stress in lesbian and gay police officers / by Laura Ellen Williams. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Effects of cell phone cameras on police working behavior / by Michael J. Derek Mallett. e-Books 2019 CPRC
The Ferguson effect on police officers' culture and perceptions in local police departments / Rarkimm K. Fields. e-Books 2019 CPRC
The impact of critical incident team training on arrest and diversion rates / Richard Wayne Foss. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Impact of stress inoculating training on police in aftermath of critical incidents / by Russell S. Ford. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Influence of implicit-bias training on the cultural competency of police officers / by Marvin Whitfield. e-Books 2019 CPRC
The needs of at-risk residents and the design of community policing in Detroit / by Reza Kashani. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Perceived effective policing through leaderships' diversity training learning outcomes and cultural competence / by Damon Jason Brown. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Perceptions of homeland security policing in an urban Midwestern community / by Sukeena Stephens. e-Books 2019 CPRC
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