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A hard name [videorecording (DVD)] / directed by Alan Zweig. DVDs 2009 PS
A hard name [videorecording (DVD)] / directed by Alan Zweig. DVDs 2009 PS
The healing circle [videorecording (DVD)] : victims of sexual abuse by clergy share their stories. DVDs 2009 PS
Hurricane Ike [videorecording (DVD)]. DVDs 2009 PS
I wasn't prepared for that [videorecording (DVD) = enregistrement vidéo (DVD)] : presentation skills = Je n'étais pas préparée : maîtriser la présentation orale / Video Arts ; written by Tony Grounds ; directed by Kevin Billington ; sous-titrage Visiontext, Ann Kosossey. DVDs 2009 PS
In search of healing justice [videorecording (DVD)] : Victim Offender Mediation Program and aboriginal healing practices within Canadian corrections. DVDs 2009 PS
The invisible meeting [videorecording (DVD)] / written and directed by Dan Jackson ; produced by Barbara Polansky & Jack Donaldson. DVDs 2009 PS
Judging talent [videorecording (DVD)]. DVDs 2009 PS
Leadership sins [videorecording (DVD)] / produced by Seven Dimensions. DVDs 2009 PS
Lockout [videorecording (DVD)]. DVDs 2009 PS
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